What You Told Me

Take heart today,
you can
leave here
meet control
You haven’t told me


HELP: Sonnet Edditon

In high school I was very much into writing poetry. I would compose two or three new poems a week. Ever since I graduated from my high school I have not written much poetry and lately I have been wanting to pick that back up again something fierce. Continue reading “HELP: Sonnet Edditon”

Page Poetry

Last spring I came across something I heard of as Page Poetry. I thought it was a highly wonderful thing to do and most people end up with beautiful results. I wanted to try it, but couldn’t bring myself to do what needed to be done in order to accomplish this. So I only admired others’ work. Well, I’ve recently come across more page poetry on Pinterest and decided it was time to give it a go. Continue reading “Page Poetry”

Back For Me

I took a walk today,

In the cold January air.

It felt good to move again,

away from all doubts.

The pounding

of                 my          heart


the     steps   of    my    feet.

All the while I spent

clearing my cluttered mind

and then,

at the mile I found

your voice back for me