No Man’s Sky: How I Plan to Play

What life will you carve for yourself within the riches of the cosmos? What choices will you make and which choices will you come to rejoice and which will you live to regret?


Presentation1In No Man’s Sky, everything matters: how you trade, who you trade to, who you pick fights against, whose side you ally with, where you explore, and what you mine. Who will you be? What choices will you make and which choices will you come to rejoice and which will you live to regret? In No Man’s Sky what life will you carve for yourself within the riches of the cosmos?  Continue reading “No Man’s Sky: How I Plan to Play”

No Man’s Sky: Delayed Gratification

Sean, I’m with you till the end, wherever or whenever that may be. Your art matters, it’s what got me here.

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There was less than a month before we would hold No Man’s Sky in our hands, finally for the first time. However, the universe had a different mind about things and forced Sean and his team at Hello Games to reevaluate the project in its current state of readiness.   Continue reading “No Man’s Sky: Delayed Gratification”

No Man’s Sky: Reading Line Up

If you are eager for a way to distract yourself from every second that passes until you have No Man’s Sky in your hands, but don’t want to pull yourself out of the hype, then this is the best alternative.

Reading Line Up

I’m sure when you think of No Man’s Sky ideas, visions, and game footage are what pass in your mind and somehow reading has never made the connection to the game for you. No Man’s Sky and reading didn’t always relate together for me either, until recently. With No Man’s Sky only a month away (after all this time it’s strange to hear myself say how close we are to release) I’m desperate for anything that will satisfy my hunger to have the game and finally be able to live in its universe. So, I have focused my efforts to a hobby I already love, reading.  Continue reading “No Man’s Sky: Reading Line Up”

No Man’s Sky: The Naming

The NamingWith the last month before the release dates wind down, soon to be No Man’s Sky players, are gathering all knowledge so they can strategize. Not only is play style, combat, and survival a concern, but smaller aspects of the game such as the renaming of planets, flora, fauna, and who know what else. I join those in the planning of how I will name my new discoveries.  Continue reading “No Man’s Sky: The Naming”

No Man’s Sky: Ever Closer

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After a 2-year wait, we are exactly two months away from the first release date for No Man’s Sky. Community members have been discussing non-stop, new gamers join the NMS bandwagon every day, pre-orders have been made, and PS4’s and PC’s bought and readied for the fated Day-1. Continue reading “No Man’s Sky: Ever Closer”

No Man’s Sky: A Virtual Experience?


Virtual Reality gaming has always been a thing gamers dreamed of, but never thought they’d see in their lifetimes. However, with the new generation consoles and tech getting smarter we have already seen many different such systems in action. The PSVR, originally Project Morpheus, being the latest to news dump on us in the last weeks.  Continue reading “No Man’s Sky: A Virtual Experience?”

No Man’s Sky: A Perfect Match

Most of the community knows that No Man’s Sky has it’s release dates. The earliest to be released in the U.S. 08.09.16. There have been many discussions happening within the NMS communities. One discussion above all has had me look at this game in a new way. Continue reading “No Man’s Sky: A Perfect Match”