Game Gab: Firewatch

Firewatch is a new 2016 game which debuted, February 9th. Today wasn’t only the game’s first day, but also the first release of the developers, Campo Santo. Visually, this game is stunning from the colors to the graphics. The voice actors are on point, and the ambiance is everything you would expect from a casual stroll through the wilderness.

camp santo


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Game Gab: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (PS4)

Back in 2007, Ubisoft, an established game company, brought to the world Assassin’s Creed. They have made an answering game every year since. Their latest, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate which launched October 23, 2015.


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Game Gab: Zombi (PS4)

There are three different ways to play within the Campaign.”How long will you survive?”

From the creators who brought you the Assassin’s Creed Franchise, the Far Cry Franchise, Tom Clancy’s: The Division, Rainbow Six Siege, Watch Dogs, Prince of Persia, and the new addition Grow Home, Ubisoft┬áhas brought us ZOMBI.

Zombi, released August 8, 2015, was upgraded for Xbox One, PS4, and PC from Wii U. We are once more fighting for our survival in the zombie apocalypse in modern London. Are you smart enough? Brave enough? Tough enough?

Zombi is a first person, open, interactive environment game. You are propelled through the world by a voice on the other side of the comms known only as, The Prepper. He leads you, helping you gather what you need to survive. There are many areas of London to explore, both the city streets and the underground. You never know where you might find a zombie, or two, three, or a whole hoard coming after you.

There are three different ways to play within the Campaign,┬áNormal Mode: 1. Where you can choose to play “chicken” where the game goes easy and your score isn’t counted. 2. Standard where the game is the perfect level of crazy complicated and playable and where you’re trying to rack up the best score ever! Survival Mode: 3. Where you play a character and once that character dies you must start over from the very beginning.

Within normal mode, things are slightly different. When playing normal mode and you die, that character is dead and isn’t coming back, but you pick up the game with a different person. You can continue with the gear you had before ONLY if you find where you previously died (cause that previous character is now a zombie) and grab the gear now on the zombie’s back. GASP!

How do you plan to play? Will you make it all the way through with one or two characters in standard mode or will you risk it all with one life playing survival mode? “How long will you survive?”


Game Gab: Thief

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