Fuller House: Episode 3 Review

With the third episode of Fuller House I am now enjoying the show more than ever. I’ve come to terms that I will never get attached to the children in the show, because I just can’t relate anymore. However, D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy I still love completely.  Continue reading “Fuller House: Episode 3 Review”


Fuller House: Episode 2 Review

From the first episode to the second nothing was the same. That’s a good thing. As we already established the first episode was more of a nostalgic throw back and a tip of the hat to the original show and it’s creators. The second episode did some of the same, but mostly on in the opening sequence. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of just the opening theme with Fuller House. From the pictures passing by of the family from Full house to the change of a male singer to female singer. Everything is new, but at the same time still the same show we used to love. Continue reading “Fuller House: Episode 2 Review”

Fuller House: Episode 1 Review


*I will not tolerate spoilers as I will be watching
and reviewing one episode everyday. *

Fuller House took flight today, February 26, 2016. Since it’s announcement by the Netflix team the internet has been talking of nothing but. When the trailer was released I cried a little just from pure nostalgia. Episode of Fuller House took a spin I didn’t quite expect, but am beyond happy that in was done the way it was.  Continue reading “Fuller House: Episode 1 Review”