October TBR: Halloween Reads

With October being the season of Halloween, you can’t go through the month without picking up a few spooky books to set the scary atmosphere that should accompany you through the month of all things ghosts and ghoul. Continue reading “October TBR: Halloween Reads”


Top 10 Books of 2016


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Reading close to thirty books in the year of 2016 I journeyed through a great many stories that have given me something to ponder long after I’ve finished the story. Through debut authors, new releases, and older titles 2016 was a great year for reading.  Continue reading “Top 10 Books of 2016”

January 2017 TBR


I have set my 2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge to 30 books. In 2015 I read 35 and in 2016 I read 28 books so I figured 30 was a decent average to shoot for in 2017. However, I hope to read well beyond my goal.  Continue reading “January 2017 TBR”

Story Review: The Tell-Tale Heart

“The Tell-Tale Heart” had captured me so convincingly because from the very first line the narrator spoke so calmly, but yet spoke of things that would normally cause great disruption.

Many Know of Edgar Allan Poe. The Poe loving community recently celebrated his 207th birthday. However, not many have actually read more than a few works by the late author. Sadly, I am one of those who haven’t read much by A. E. Poe. I have only read the few things that were required during school, but even though I never read beyond the allotted readings, I do love what I have read by Poe. So much so that I went as far as to buy a hard copy of his complete works some time last year. I bought the complete edition in the hope that having the great volume stare me in the eye every day would persuade me to read more. The plan worked… slightly. Continue reading “Story Review: The Tell-Tale Heart”

Before I Go by Colleen Oakley

Let me tell you though, no matter how long it takes you, you want to have a copy of this book, maybe not to own, but somehow you want to be holding a copy because you want to read this book.



Before I Go” is a debut novel by Colleen Oakley. I learned of this 309 (Hardcover) book late 2014 as it would be an early January 2015 release. From the very first time I read what this book would be I was hooked and couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Sadly, I wouldn’t have a hold of this book until the later half of the year. Continue reading “Before I Go by Colleen Oakley”

Book Review: Obsidian

Lux Beginnings

She was happy with her just her mom, her blog, her books, but then they had to move. She didn’t expect to find such a hottie next door and she didn’t expect to dislike him so much. Then, with just a small mistake he will have a place in her life for reasons she would never have dreamed possible.  Continue reading “Book Review: Obsidian”

BookTube (YouTube) Channel

Hello amazing bloggers. I’m here to give a small update on what I’ve been up to personally. In addition to keeping this blog, my reading, my writing (NaNoWriMo next month!), and working, I’ve started a new project! Continue reading “BookTube (YouTube) Channel”