Flashfall by Jenny Moyer


Flashfall by Jenny Moyer is her author debut and leaves nothing to be desired. (Except for the sequel and trust me when I say you’ll be hard after the sequel before you reach the middle.)

If there is only one reason to never read book one of a new series when it first debuts it would be because you can’t binge read the entire series and Flashfall is definitely not the exception to that rule.

Moyer’s writing is smooth, clear, and she weaves sentences together in such a way that when you’re reading them they fall away to let the story play out faster than many other experienced authors out there. The world Moyer builds is small, but full of life and detail and she is able to create the illusion that while Orion and Dram run around trying to survive and keep their hope, you feel like the space of their fight for survival is infinite.

Orion and Dram are the two MCs who are best friends that you grow to love instantly, both as individuals and as the caving partners they are. Their lives and their story is nothing short of breathtaking creating that all too familiar heartache that’s half garbage and pain and half poetry.

Some boundaries should never be crossed.

The world that Orion, Dram, and their friends and families live in is hard, gritty, and the issues that are addressed and faced are more real to life than even many adults refuse to see or to take action against. Flashfall is love, sacrifice, faith, corruption, and trust. And there’s only Orion and Dram, two teenagers, facing it all with some help here and there.

Orion and Dram are what’s know as a Subpar, miners, after Cirium, an element that keeps her world’s system from falling apart. Orion, an ore scout (mining leader), find that her world isn’t quite the place she thought it was nor are her dreams for her future as certain as she thought either. Orion leads Dram beyond their small world view and stumbles into something more fantastic and life threatening in a world still recovering from radiation two centuries prior.

Orion never stops growing and changing while still staying recognizable and steadfast to her morals and beliefs. Dram is refreshing, his character arc is subtle, but he never stops showing the sides of himself that are already established. Where Orion is still a little unsure of how to get the things she wants or who she is, Dram is the exact opposite. He knows who he is, what he’s capable of, and how to get what he wants. he is able to help Orion and grow and lend a helping hand when she is unsure, but he never goes too far. Orion is stubborn, smart, and headstrong. But she knows when to ask for help. So even though Dram is there to see her through her faltering, Orion is still the one leading them both through the mines and through their perilous world.

Step in my steps.

Flashfall hooks you instantly and just like a fast action movie script, flows at a great, heart racing speed. The many characters surrounding Orion and Dram all feel like family. Many are only on screen for brief periods, but Moyer weaves magic allowing each and every character to shine. Usually, it’s the main characters that gain my love, but I empathized with every character in Flashfall, antagonists and protagonists alike.

Nothing about Flashfall can be faulted. Moyer’s characters and world may have a similar feeling of concept to other stories you have read, but their content was completely new. Flashfall was rewarding in every way and I can’t wait to see how Orion and Dram’s story plays out. Moyer has proved that she is a contender with the best of the best in the YA circle.

Moyer is an author to keep your eye on and Flashfall is her beginning and a story that should not be ignored.

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