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We all have a stack, stacks, pile or piles of unread books taunting us, begging to be picked up, read, and loved, but somehow no matter how many we managed to read through, the TBR threatens to tower on forever.

I don’t know where I have been all year or what I have been doing, but in January my reading goal for the year was set at 45 books. By June I realized I needed to lower my expectations a little and brought that number down to 25. I now sit slightly over 20 so maybe I need to move that number up to 30. Honestly, I’m not going to worry about it and will be happy with whatever amount I manage to read.

Late July early August I started cranking down on my reading. I started diving into those ARCS that I have as well. I realized I can become quite moody if I don’t read or write every day and so I’ve mapped out my TBR for the rest of year, ( sort of).


The Forgetting“, “Stalking Jack the Ripper“, “Metaltown“, and “Three Dark Crowns” I all have in an ARC form. “The Forgetting” will debut the 13th. I have already read this title and need to get in gear on reviewing it. You’ll see that at some point soon. “Stalking Jack the Ripper”, “Metaltown”, and “Three Dark Crowns” crazily enough all debut on the 20th. I have read only the first in that list and will be reviewing that one soon as well. I hope to have the other two debuts read and reviewed before their birthdate.

After those, we have “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children“. This series I have owned for a few years but haven’t had a chance to read them yet. (Such a theme with me.) The ‘Miss Peregrine’s Movie‘ will debut at the end of the month so I want to have the title read and reviewed before the movie launches. Then we are back around to a series in which the second will be releasing on the 22nd and even though I have owned the first since its debut I have yet to read it; “Six of Crows” and “Crooked Kingdom“. I’m not sure those last two will actually be completed before the end of the month, but I will most certainly try.

An honorary mention for September is “Ninth City Burning“. This Title debuted on the 6th and even though I love reading science fiction I never know what is coming out when. However, this title I will definitely keep on my list and hope to read before the year is up if I can manage to squeeze one more in.


The Rains” I have an ARC of so I’m hoping to get it read and reviewed before its official release date on the 18th. “Replica” is another title I have an ARC for and hope to get read and reviewed before its debut on the 4th. “Tattoo Atlas” I feel like this is one I shouldn’t pass up and might make it one of the few I can buy in a month seeing as I do not yet have the ARC of this one. “Gemina” is the sequel to “Illuminae“, but seeing as I don’t own and have not read “Illuminae” this title may fall short of the completed TBR. I have been excited to read these since the release of the first book and I WILL read them, someday.

A last honorary mention for October is “A Million Worlds With You.” which will debut on the 1st. I own the first in the series, “A Thousand Pieces of You“, but unfortunately I never knew this was going to be a series and so I have never read the book nor do I own or have read the second book and with my new book buying policy in place I don’t think I will be reading this series before the year is over.


November is always a busy time with the annual writing challenge, NaNoWriMo, coming back once again, but also the start-up of the end of the year holiday rush, new and beloved show revivals, and a nostalgic gaming opportunity. A few books have made it on my list during this busy month, but right now there are 2 main ones I’m beyond ecstatic for and sadly one is a reprint with a new skin so there’s no chance of getting an early copy and the second I have yet to get my hands on an ARC and have a strong feeling I may never. However, “Dan and Phil Go Outside” will be kicking off the month for me. This is an easy one seeing as it is mainly pictures and short accompanying tales to go along with them.

Heartless” I do have an ARC of and plan to finish the read and have it reviewed before its debut on the 9th. I own the “Lunar Chronicles” series but have yet to read them (a horrible habit), so “Heartless” will be my first by Marissa Meyer and I am too excited to finally jump into her world. “A New Life” is the final 2 books in1 in “The Galahad Archives” series. I started reading this 6 book series this year as 2 in 1’s and I can’t pass up the conclusion to this epic YA space adventure. The “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them” is, of course, a must and I will not pass up the opportunity to read the screenplay before I see the movie.

The title I’m most excited for this November is “Scythe“. This is also the one I mentioned I’m sad I won’t be getting an ARC for. The first reason I’m excited is because the whole idea of this sounds brilliant and in an area I love reading. The second reason this is my most anticipated read of November is because I’m currently writing a ‘reaper’ novel of my own and it’s good to read in the area you’re writing. (But don’t overload yourself for fear of not having enough of your own ideas.)


An honorable mention to finish off November is “Fate of the Tearling” which is book 3 of the “Queen of The Tearling” series. This title will make its debut on the 29th and I won’t be buying or reading this title because I have yet to buy or read the first two books in the series. (What do I even spend time reading?) This series has been on my radar since the debut of “Queen of the Tearling” and I will read them all one day.


To end the year I want to kick off my series reading for 2017. (Because let’s be honest, the majority of my unread books sitting on my shelf are part of a trilogy or longer running series.)

The Burning Page” is book 3 in the “The Invisible Library” series. I own the first book “The Invisible Library” and I will purchase the second book, “The Masked City” and have both 1 and 2 read before buying the third. In the series, there are 2 more books that have been claimed so far, both of which are unnamed and undated at this time, but placeholders for both can be found on Goodreads.

Black Moon” is also the third book for its series. Borth book 1 and 2, “Zodiac” and “Wandering Star” I own. This series was part of my No Man’s Sky: Reading Line Upbut I have yet managed to tackle the trilogy. “Black Moon” will debut on the 6th so I doubt with all of the new releases debuting that day I will have gotten book 1 and 2 read and reviewed before “Black Moon” arrives. I will take the entire month to read through all of these without worrying too much on what is debuting when.

To truly end the year, my last read for December will be, “The Last Star” which is continuing the theme for the month of being the 3rd in its trilogy, “The 5th Wave“. I currently own and have read the first two. (Shocking, I know, but don’t be too proud of me just yet.) I own the trilogy and was reading them for my previously mentioned No Man’s Sky: Reading Line Up, but I somehow became sidetracked (by other books) from reading the last in the series. I have been known to review a series as a whole rather than individual books and I may do so with all or some of these titles for December.

January will kick off an exciting lineup for 2017 reading. I hope you continue to join me in my reading adventures. What are you currently reading or planning to read throughout the rest of the year?

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