No Man’s Sky: How I Plan to Play

What life will you carve for yourself within the riches of the cosmos? What choices will you make and which choices will you come to rejoice and which will you live to regret?


Presentation1In No Man’s Sky, everything matters: how you trade, who you trade to, who you pick fights against, whose side you ally with, where you explore, and what you mine. Who will you be? What choices will you make and which choices will you come to rejoice and which will you live to regret? In No Man’s Sky what life will you carve for yourself within the riches of the cosmos? Every player will be going on their own journey, for their own reasons and they’ll each be reaching out into infinity with and understanding of who they are going to be as they proceed, alone, through the sea of stars. Many players within the NMS communities have already chosen their directive, path, background, and faction.

TRADER, Fighter, EXPLORER, Pirate, ScAvEnGer

The players know which class they’ll be identifying with, a science expert, technology guru, master of one skill or a jack of all trades. Then again, many players will not be choosing a backstory or role-playing at all. They only want to play the game for what the game has to offer them. Some players are perfectly happy jumping in, learning the ropes, and allowing themselves to be lost to their realities into one they can define for themselves for however long they choose.

As for me, I’ve gone back and forth on my plans since the announcement of the game. I fooled around with thinking I wouldn’t bother with a back story or role-playing as a particular character, but I discarded the notion pretty quickly. Since the beginning, I have wanted to play the game as a series of “captain’s logs”, (I know I’m not the only one. Leave a comment if this is how you are going to play.). I thought that might be exhausting trying to keep that up in game during recording. I do know that I want to keep some kind of backstory going in game, though.

I haven’t quite gotten everything settled, but a few things I do know is that I’ll mainly be an explorer. However, I’m going to put effort into every faction, including all languages, tech, gear, weaponry, and strategy. I’m going to be playing as me, but as my YouTube name. (So me, but not me, if that makes any sense.) I have a whole life in my head for my “character”, and I’ll try and introduce bits and pieces as I play. Mostly, for personality, I want to try and be like Mal (Malcolm Reynolds) from Firefly

I have never played a game where the whole time I have to be someone else mentally. It’ll be a little awkward in the beginning, but I think I’ll get used the role-playing quickly and we’ll have a lot of fun, exploring, causing havoc, and being an all around bad ass.

I honestly cannot wait to have this game in my hands. Look forward to an unboxing video on Launch Day, August 9th, and in the meantime, I’ll be putting together a let’s play trailer to give you all a better understanding of what my gameplay will be like.

I hope you all join me for this epic, once in a lifetime adventure.

A Possible Scenario If We Load In On A Planet:

We are a generation of the Dark Sea and planet exploration is unheard of. With the war over a new world order has begun and I will no longer rely on the whims of others. I’ve crashed landed here. I need to figure out a way to repair my ship, but I’ve never heard of this planet, hell, I’ve never flown close to this star system before. Being on my own is new to me. There have always been the jobs, but the war turned me into someone I never wanted and from now on I’ll figure out a way to continue without the contracts. As of now, I belong to the stars.

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