No Man’s Sky: Delayed Gratification

Sean, I’m with you till the end, wherever or whenever that may be. Your art matters, it’s what got me here.


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There was less than a month before we would hold No Man’s Sky in our hands, finally for the first time. However, the universe had a different mind about things and forced Sean and his team at Hello Games to reevaluate the project in its current state of readiness.  

We, as fans, went from having 26 days left in our countdowns to over 50 days. Another two months were added to our wait time and at first I didn’t want to believe that we had been so close to “Day 1” only to be pushed back, to have the game snapped away from us. Then, I was a little angry; I felt betrayed. However, after taking a few days to come to terms with the change I was able to allow myself to go online, read up on the game’s updates, and see for myself what Sean had to say about his team’s decision, and finally engage once again in the No Man’s Sky community.

I had been waiting and wanting this game so hard for so long that when it was pulled that much further away, guys, I honestly didn’t know how I should feel, or what I should think. Only after I was able to face the circumstances and go online, was I actually able to bring my thoughts together and connect them with my feeling on the whole situation.

The first thing I did was send a tweet to Sean thanking him and his team for their continuous hard work. For every moment we’ve wanted to play this game, for every heart clenching agony we’ve endured from articles, gameplay, trailers, and interviews, is nothing compared to how Sean, Duncan, and the whole team have been wanting to send this game out.

At first, with the news of the date getting pushed back I was hurt and confused. I know we all were hurt by this setback, but in the end, it’s so simple. I did miss what the NMS Community, as a whole, had been saying to the Hello Games team and to each other those first few days the news broke and I know there were some things said that was terrible, but that much more that was good and encouraging.

I know there were some who were shouting that they should never have Pre-Ordered, but why? To say that you should never have Pre-Ordered is idiotic. Tell me one thing and answer honestly. If No Man’s Sky‘s release date had originally been in August would you have Pre-Ordered?

Pre-Ordering is but one way to show the developers that you care about what they are creating and that you are with them to the end. Games, release dates, getting pushed back is a part of the industry, and the people of the internet can’t always be relied upon (knock upside the head to that person who sent out death threats). Even when the unwanted happens, your Pre-Order is nothing more than a constant beacon that you are on board. Yes, it sucked that the game was delayed, but I have no regrets about Pre-Ordering. The game still has my name on it, ready and waiting. I was able to make sure I bought the edition I wanted in the format I most desired.

In many ways we are lucky. It’s only two more months. Sometimes big titles will be postponed six months to a year from their original release day. Sean is taking the time and the care to deliver us the best game he possibly can right out of the gate. The fact that we were moments from touching the universe than have it pulled on inch away will make the day we have the game in hand that much sweeter, which is basically the definition and idea behind delayed gratification.

I know Sean hates that he hurt us and yes I hate that I won’t be playing the most anticipated game of my life here in a few weeks, but I support Sean 100%. I know why he did what he did, and I know in the long run no one will care that the game had been postponed slightly.

I’m not trying to dilute how this has affected all of the fans. One reason I’m able to come to an understanding so quickly is because in the end the postponement will allow for some other goals to finish and taper off and the time off I booked for the first few days of launch were easily handled and moved. For many out there, I know you had a hell of a time getting your lives organized around the launch day. Do me a favor, think back on all the tough situations you’ve gone through in your life and how you felt that getting through those would be impossible. Now, as you look back, was that situation as hopeless as you had conceived it to be?

The delay and how you plan your life around launch isn’t as impossible either. Please, remember to breathe and let bosses and workers know that the event you had planned for your vacation had been moved and you need to move your days accordingly. Whatever your situation the details can be tweaked.

We have been through so much as a community when it comes to this game. We have helped each other understand and grow. We have laughed together and indeed have cried together. We have celebrated every step with Hello Games through the entire  No Man’s Sky development. Don’t let this small event tear us apart, give up on each other, and Sean and his team. Now more than ever we need to keep our composure, humor, and most importantly our desire, hype, and love for this game. We’ve waited this long it’s time to band together, stronger than ever, and wait a little longer while giving Sean and the team ENCOURAGEMENT and love. They won’t get anywhere if they are always being torn down and in the end how we’ve all behaved will matter the most.

Community, I hope that what I’ve said has helped or at least given you something to think about. This last bit is for Sean. Sean, I appreciate everything you have done for us, everything you are continuing to do for us, and I’m with you till the end, wherever or whenever that may be. However, at some point, your art has to be released. If you wait until you feel that the game is 100% perfect and not that you’ve given 100% effort, then No Man’s Sky may never see the light of  7 million suns.

“Your art matters, it’s what got me here.”

With All My Love & Support,

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3 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky: Delayed Gratification”

  1. I’ve also been really excited for this game. Yes it might take them s bit longer to finish but they are s small studio with an ambitious project. I can’t wait for August, I think it is going to be A ton of fun.

  2. I Never did understand, why people would have a hissy fit over a delay and regret pre-ordering…
    But lately I’ve concluded that many with this attitude may have only in recent months, discovered this game. Those that have followed the NMS journey over the years, I assume, would not even consider turning away.
    Thank you for your blog.
    I think you’ve pretty much summed up how true fans in the community, feel.
    And on a, not soo serious note,

    Thank goodness I say,
    to the delay…
    My laptop shit it’s self,
    the other day,
    Nearly had my vid uploaded,
    and away…
    So now total reboot,
    before I play.
    This week would have sucked,
    Right through to Sunday!

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