No Man’s Sky: Reading Line Up

If you are eager for a way to distract yourself from every second that passes until you have No Man’s Sky in your hands, but don’t want to pull yourself out of the hype, then this is the best alternative.


Reading Line Up

I’m sure when you think of No Man’s Sky ideas, visions, and game footage are what pass in your mind and somehow reading has never made the connection to the game for you. No Man’s Sky and reading didn’t always relate together for me either, until recently. With No Man’s Sky only a month away (after all this time it’s strange to hear myself say how close we are to release) I’m desperate for anything that will satisfy my hunger to have the game and finally be able to live in its universe. So, I have focused my efforts to a hobby I already love, reading. 

The Naming I have quite the lineup of novels and series I plan to read before the release of NMS. I’ve managed only one so far, and I’m happy to say my plan is working. Reading about the fall of humanity and other’s adventures across galaxies has helped take the edge off of waiting until June 21st.

If you are eager for a way to distract yourself from every second that passes until you have No Man’s Sky in your hands but don’t want to pull yourself out of the hype, then this is the best alternative. Join me, I mean, I love movies, but I can only watch Oblivion so many times. 

Humanities Fire Series by Michael Cobley  

1) Seeds of Earth (Book 1) 
2) Orphaned Worlds (Book 2)
3) Ascendant Stars (Book 3)
4) Ancestral Machines (Book 4) 

The Zodiac Series by Romina Russell 

5) Zodiac (Book 1)
6) Wandering Star (Book 2)
7) Black Moon (Book 3)


8) Railhead by Philip Reeve                           9) Armada by Ernest Cline
railhead                              Armada

10) Ready Player One by Ernest Cline        11) Seveneves by Neal Stephenson 
Ready Player one                               Seveneves

The Galahad Series by Dom Testa 

12) The Comet’s Curse (Book 1)
13) The Web of Titan (Book 2)
14) The Cassini Code (Book 3)
15) The Dark Zone (Book 4)
16) Cosmic Storm (Book 5)
17) The Galahad Legacy (Book 6)

The 5th Wave Series by Rick Yancey

18) The 5th Wave (Book 1)
19) The Infinite Sea (Book 2)
20) The Last Star (Book 3)

Linesman Series by S.K. Dunstall

21) Linesman (Book 1)
22) Alliance (Book 2)
23) Confluence (Book 3)

The Lazarus War Series by Jamie Sawyer

24) Artefact (Book 1)
25) Legion (Book 2) 
26) Origins (Books 3)

27) Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson

Far Star Trilogy by Jay Allan

27) Shadow of Empire (Book 1) 
28) Enemy in the Dark (Book 2) 
29) Funeral Games (Book 3)

30) Far Star Legends by Jay Allan
Far Star Legends 1

The Taking Trilogy
Chronicles of the Invaders
Dune Series by Frank Herbert
The Old Man’s War Series by John Scalzi

& Many More… For a full list you can visit my Goodreads.

I know I won’t get through all of these before the No Man’s Sky releases, but I don’t plan to stop reading. Reading these will keep me from going insane before NMS and playing NMS will fuel me to keep reading.

Are you reading as I am to keep you breathing before release? Are there any books that you are reading and feel I should add to my list? Do you have another coping tactic?

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