No Man’s Sky: The Naming

The NamingWith the last month before the release dates wind down, soon to be No Man’s Sky players, are gathering all knowledge so they can strategize. Not only is play style, combat, and survival a concern, but smaller aspects of the game such as the renaming of planets, flora, fauna, and who know what else. I join those in the planning of how I will name my new discoveries. At first, the new knowledge that everything discovered can be renamed, with the exception of Murrayotic Elements that will be found in-game, the wonder and the possibilities overwhelmed logical thought.

Not only was the universe there for you to explore with the promise that you’ll be the first “Explorer” ever to be there for many solar systems around, but you were given the choice to rename everything you find, mainly, to personalize the experience that much further.

At first, I knew I was going to rename everything I found. I had this vision of walking about a planet and as soon as I discovered a new animal or plant I would rename it without pause.


I would try and name everything similar to show that they all belong to that planet, but then I realized, of course they belong to that world, that’s where I found them. So, I adopted a new tactic. Name all the animals similar as long as they looked similar.

As the months dragged on, I realized what a hassle it would be to name every single plant and animal I came across. Then I realized I would only be renaming flora and fauna when one, in particular, struck me as amazing for any reason. Those would be the few that I rename and perhaps/maybe some of the ones that have an incomprehensible mix of letters for a name.

I’m also going to be adding my initials to every renamed object, plant, and creature. Not the initials for my PSN name, but for my real name. That way my player tag will live on forever, but also, me, as a person, will forever be immortalized in the game.

Of course, I’ve given myself the impossible task of documenting absolutely everything I find in-game for other No Man’s Sky players to find and use. No Man’s Sky is going to be demanding so much of my time. I can’t wait to start exploring and making my mark in the universe and putting up videos and documents for all to enjoy.

There are so many different ways to handle this game. I’m going to be playing every free moment I get, posting up videos when I can and renaming what I think deserves to be renamed.

How are you guys going to handle renaming plants, animals, planets (?), and everything else? Do you plan to rename things at all or are you going to jump in-game without knowing exactly what you’re going to do?

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