This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity #1) by Victoria Schwab

This Savage Song

“This Savage Song” by Victoria Schwab, AKA V.E. Schwab, is a deliciously, heightened story about monsters, humans, darkness, goodness, and how sometimes the line that separates one from another can become severely blurred.

A book about life and death and the soul. About want and need and consequence. About finding light in the dark. 

Victoria weaves a story where the reader forgets the act of doing so and is taken over by a world unique and so drastically vivid where you begin to wonder about your own reality. The characters are more real than your own siblings.

Kate and August’s world is like our own, except the sinful acts of man have a far more devastating consequence, the acts themselves leaves a living, breathing monster in its wake while leaving the sinner with a mark upon their soul. What results is a Corsai, Malchai, or a Sunai, each with their own taste for which type of human they should eat or more accurately, what part of the human to eat. These monsters have instinctual wants and undeniable intellect.

Kate’s father is the ruler of North City. North City was once a whole of V-City or Verity. Kate’s father controls the monsters and the humans that live there: protection must be paid for.

August lives in South City run by his father, Henry Flynn. Monsters are not allowed in South City and sinners pay for their crimes. August is a monster, the most unique breed.

Kate wants to be like her father, who is more monster than human, and August wants to be human, but both are about to discover where the undeniable line of human and monster begins and ends.

Nobody gets to stay the same. 

Kate and August go through a few terrible ordeals while they try and understand the world around them, where they belong in such a world, about right and wrong, trust, and friendship. Who Kate and August end up identifying with in the end is just as amazing as how they arrived there. Monsters can be human and humans can be monsters and sometimes either can be both.

August wasn’t human.. he was made of darkness.” 

The truths and the lines that define and make up the rules of their world are breaking, turning into a war. August has Kate and his family to help him figure out life and where he fits into the puzzle of monsters vs. human and Kate has August and the memory of her mother.

This story has lingered long after the back cover was shut and every second spent reading will not be a disappointment.

“This Savage Song” is about what it means to be human in a monsterous world. It’s about what you’re willing to do to survive, and more importantly, what you’re willing to become. 


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