No Man’s Sky: Ever Closer

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After a 2-year wait, we are exactly two months away from the first release date for No Man’s Sky. Community members have been discussing non-stop, new gamers join the NMS bandwagon every day, pre-orders have been made, and PS4’s and PC’s bought and readied for the fated Day-1.The hype, agony, and love of the game is shared equally throughout the community no matter how long the individual members have been waiting. There are still more questions than answers at this point regarding the in’s and out’s of NMS.

IGN is currently taking us through another IGN First look on No Man’s Sky, but until the end of the coverage month, we won’t know for sure what will or will not be entrusted to us. With the date drawing closer fans are clamoring for any and all news, but there are many areas of the game we know about but probably won’t see any more gameplay or detail on before release.


playstation-trophaeenNo Man’s Sky enthusiasts have been theorizing on the rewards you can collect while you play, such as the Trophy system for PS4 or the Achievements system for Steam on PC. Nothing has been officially said by Hello Games about a reward system being introduced into the game. I haven’t played a PS4 game that hasn’t had at least a few trophies to nab. Firewatch was a 3hr game and even that managed to have about six trophies or so.

I would absolutely love to see a trophy/achievement system be introduced. There is one particular reward that the NMS community is hoping for and that has to deal with the first round of coverage IGN did on No Man’s Sky last year. Ryan, IGN editor, managed to land his ship awkwardly on top of a small building. As a community, we’d love to see a reward saying, “The Ryan Maneuver: Landing Your Ship Outside Regulation” or something like that. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this area and if the team over at Hello Games decided to put this feature in the game, I could only imagine the laughter that will ensue.



MutliplayerGames1We aren’t here to debate whether or not NMS should be multiplayer. Right now, we’re purely going to look at the facts. Right now players are all playing within the same universe but have no plausible way to meet up in game. NMS does not support any other standard multiplayer feature. Who’s to say that in future the Hello Games team won’t add a way for you and a friend or a squad to roll through the galaxies enforcing your ultimate dominance and bring in an aspect that will give a new meaning of belonging to one faction or another. 

VR(Virtual Reality) Support 


Virtual Reality gaming, when associated with No Man’s Sky, is in the same boat as multiplayer. When talking about the PS4, the PSVR headset will play any game you own in cinema mode. That setting gives you a wider view and excellent clarity but does not hold any gameplay elements the PSVR would otherwise give games formatted to the technology.





portalPortals are still a bit of a mystery that Hello Games is keeping close to their breast. We know that they can be found on random planets and they transport you to a new planet in, what is assumed, an unknown region of the galaxy. We have also heard of puzzles that will need to be solved. No one for sure knows if these puzzles are associated with being able to open the portal (that’s my vote) or if they are for something else entirely. Right now we don’t know if ships can be flown through a portal, the winning consensus is no. We also don’t know how rare portals might be. Will we stumble across them every five star systems we explore? Who knows! Portals are supposed to take you into a moment in time, a place in the galaxy you may never see otherwise and bring you to a world rich in many resources and elements or just one. They are supposed to be a gold mine and maybe a little dangerous. Right now, I know that these doorways to infinity will hold more possibilities than we can actually comprehend at his moment before finding them. 


Honestly, nothing much has been said on this subject. Sean briefly mentioned an Antagonist force in the early rounds of questioning, but nothing was explained further or said since on the subject. With No Man’s Sky being set up the way it is for complete, player control over in-game actions, we don’t know if we will inevitably become the antagonistic force propelling through the universe.

The community has begun to question the actual place the Atlas will take in NMS. We now theorize that the Atlas is the driving force of all sentinel activity. The sentinels are already established as protectors of natural resources and organic material as well as peacekeepers out in the harsh, vastness of space. They may stay as such to where we view them in a protagonist role and it turns out that we, the players, are in fact the opposite.  Maybe in the heart of the Atlas motherboard lies a force ready to take over all the universe. We are set to “upload” all discoveries and actions into the Atlas and maybe that’s how it will take over. Once the Atlas receives enough data everybody should be watching over their shoulders.

Then again, the Atlas or the Sentinels may have nothing to do with the good or bad forces that might prowl through the galaxies. We all know about the Lore, or the history, we will find scattered throughout the galaxy, maybe we will learn more about an antagonist through that or maybe one of the alien races we will come across aren’t quite who or what they seem to be.

Official Soundtrack

NMS Soundtrack Cover

We do know for certain that the procedurally generated music, by 65daysofstatic, that is resonating as you play the game will be transferred to a multitude of playable formats.

I can’t wait to get a copy of the soundtrack and have the means to hear the No Man’s Sky music not only when I play the game, but when I’m writing, reading, cleaning my house, or taking a drive.

One way to obtain a copy of the soundtrack is to go through Laced Records. Buying the soundtrack through other means can be found on the No Man’s Sky website.

The soundtrack can be bought as:




The fact that each option comes with a digital download is priceless. I’m all about the hard-copies, but at least this way I won’t have to spend the additional dollars buying a second album digitally or time trying to transfer whichever copy I buy to digital. Right now I’m thinking I might get the CD and the X2 Vinyl, but I haven’t quite decided.


Countdown shotFinally, we come to the countdown for No Man’s Sky day one. There may be many things that we don’t know about the game yet, or may ever know about the game, but we know enough and we have enough to be over excited to receive our copies, however they are coming to us. Only 60 more days to go.  We are getting ever closer.

What of these topics do you wish to see? How do you wish to see them? What do you hope for the future of No Man’s Sky? I have more topics for NMS planned soon.


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