When Calls the Heart: S3:9 Prayers From the Heart Season Finale Review


When Calls the Heart season 3 ended with danger, intrigue, a few question, and a great celebration. Nine episodes go by so fast and with the end of season 3 I’m already having WCTH withdrawals. The last episode in season 3 was short and sweet, wrapping the bigger questions up nicely. Rosemary and Lee had their wedding. The ceremony may not have been dressed up as much as Rosemary would have liked, mostly due to donating the wedding materials to people in need, but she still managed to have a beautiful ceremony. Rosemary and Lee’s future seems set, but many within Hope Valley stand on shaky ground.

There was a cave-in at the mine outside of town, a flood washed out the settler camp, and Jack banged his head and almost died. It was one thing after another for the townspeople of Hope Valley. Prayers From the Heart had been one of the tensest episodes of the season. Before one disaster could be handled another one arose. The town did what they always did. They banded together, made a makeshift hospital, brought in refugees, and while Jack lay in a coma-like state, held a vigil for all those who had been affected by recent disasters.

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The wounded were taken care of by Faith and her helpers, Jack recovered quickly, and the wedding went off without a hitch. Season 3 was nothing but crazy ups and downs. I would probably only change a few things about it, like Jack and Elizabeth getting married instead of Rosemary and Lee, but other than that it was well worth the time and the emotions.

Season 4 will hopefully be upon us before we know it and by george if there Jack and Elizabeth’s wedding doesn’t take place by the end of it all I’m going to be so upset. With every passing season, When Calls the Heart becomes a deeper priority in my life. I can’t wait to see how life turns out for the settlers, if Gown will recover from his wounds and how all of his transgressions will be handled, and how all of our favorite couples will fare in the season to come.

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