When Calls the Heart: S3:8 Hearts In Question Review

When Calls the Heart has been on a role lately with the questions, intrigue, and drama happening at every turn. Last week’s episode, “Hearts In Question”, brought us back down to a slower pace; the calm before the storm. 

The most exciting thing the episode offered was the fact that Gowen hurried out of town with Nora because of some financial issues with the bank. Gowen wasn’t a part of the mill’s disasters, but I knew he couldn’t stay out of trouble for long. Gowen is a character you can’t help but love to hate. We haven’t been shown much regarding the dealings Gowen has had as mayor, so it’s hard to say exactly what the details are of the fraudulent financial of the town and Gowens dealings within his position of power. Bill and Dotty make a good team and with Bill on the case I feel that he’ll have Gowen rangled up in no time.

With Rosemary and Lee engaged we finally get to focus on their romantic relationship a little more. We are understanding them more and more as they begin to understand themselves. I love who Rosemary has become and I love who she is when she’s with Lee. The small discourse of mind they had regarding children was but one of the many life’s issues they have to face. To me, Rosemary and Lee are a testament to a real life couple more than Jack and Elizabeth and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for two of them. I honestly hope the wedding happens before the whole flood business. That way we can have Jack standing next to Lee at the altar and he’ll get to see Elizabeth take her stride down the aisle, just a bit of foreshadowing.  To end the season with a wedding will be wonderful, even if it wasn’t the one we hoped for from the beginning.

The most intriguing part of Hearts In Question was Jack’s mother coming to town. Elizabeth needed to meet Jack’s mother eventually, especially with the way Jack and Elizabeth have been talking about their future lately. I like Jack’s mother quite well and it was nice to see that she wasn’t dismissive of Elizabeth, but was patient and allowed herself to get to know Elizabeth and Elizabeth her.

Jack’s mother coming into town and all her interactions with Elizabeth was all set up for this week’s episode. We were shown that Jack is seriously injured from the flood that has been threatening Hope Valley. Jack’s mother is there to help take care of an unconscious Jack and reassure Elizabeth of Jack’s love for her. This whole business of Jack’s mother coming to town will hopefully be the thing that makes Elizabeth seriously thinking about marriage. While Jack lies on his deathbed, Elizabeth will mourn the time they’ve already wasted and Jack will wake up and recover and then they will have a conversation giving us all hope for a second wedding in season four.

When Calls the Heart
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