When Calls The Heart: S3:6 Forever In My Heart Review

With the 6th episode, Forever In My Heart,  we are left with a few questions that have been gnawing at us for so long now.  We don’t know where Jack and Elizabeth will stand after these last few episodes end and we won’t know what will become of Lee and the mill. I can only assume from what I’ve seen.

Nothing ever seems to be settled for the towns people of Hope Valley. With Forever In My Heart,  only a few issues need to be addressed. First, we have the matter of Abigail and the children. Becky returns and with her back Abigail wants more than ever to keep her and Cody as her own. The children’s aunt arrives to throw a hitch in Abigail’s wants. I don’t know what will happen to her and the children. Somehow I have a feeling she will keep them because it will be odd for them to go off with an aunt. However, I have to wonder about Abigail sometimes. Anytime I’m explaining her to someone who happens to be watching the show with me I say she’s the mom of the moms.

Abigail already convinced Clara to come to Hope Valley after finding out Clara was her son’s widow and now she wants to take in and care for two young children. That’s all beautiful and good, but is that all we can look forward to Abigail being, a mom for anybody who needs it? If she does keep the children, I don’t think that will hinder her relationship with Frank at all.

Then we have Jack and Elizabeth. We’ve seen them together lately being all cute and flirty, but not actively partaking in any kind of romance. We know Jack wants to marry Elizabeth, but we don’t know when or if that will be happening before season 3 ends. The most intriguing thing we saw was that Jack and Gowen are trying to bid on the same piece of land. That’s crazy. With Jack going after land, putting down roots in Hope Valley, we can only assume that he will finally ask Elizabeth to marry him! At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

The teaser has us believing that either Elizabeth, Rosemary, or Abigail are the candidates for an engagement. Abigail is the least likely because her courtship with Frank has barely started and she now has the drama of the children. Although, it would be a cruel twist of fate if her battle for the children got Frank all sentimental and he knew he wanted her to be his wife. If Abigail is the one to get engaged, which I highly doubt, I will be so done with this show.

Rosemary and Lee getting engaged is a possibility. I don’t doubt it will happen. I just doubt it will be before the end of season 3. We’ve seen them grow only slightly as a couple. They are rarely seen in a romantic setting and if they were to get engaged it wouldn’t feel natural or real. I love those two, both as individual characters and as a couple. I would love to see them marry at some point, but not before Jack and Elizabeth.

With Abigail and Rosemary marked off that leaves us with Jack and Elizabeth. Jack wanted to propose back in season 2. He has been nothing but a gentleman towards Elizabeth and anytime those two are together they scream marriage material. Jack already has a ring, he’s looking for land to build on, he’s asked Lee for the materials to build his own home, and he’s already confessed to Lee that he wants to do this not only for his future but for his future that also involves Elizabeth. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Faith intervene too much, if at all. The writers haven’t shown us any proof of that since Faith decided to stay in Hope Valley. By the end of season 3 we will see Jack and Elizabeth engaged and then by the end of season 4 we will see them married.

As for Lee and the shenanigans going down at the mill I have no idea what to think about that. I don’t know if I missed the clue that pointed to one of the towns members or not, but right now I only have one idea and it’s not based on much.

Jack and Bill have been on the mill case. They suspect Gowen. Now, Gowen has been the perpetrator of happenings in the past, but for some reason, I don’t think he’s behind it this time. I could see how he might be. He and Nora are growing into something and he’s looking to build on the same land as Jack. That matters because maybe being mayor isn’t enough for him. He was a business man. Maybe he wants Lee to fail so he can buy the mill from him and have that much more power over the town. However, because we haven’t seen Gowen himself make deals around the mill, the fact that he is the mayor, planning a life, and Jack and Bill are after him so hard has me more convinced than ever that he isn’t the one causing such trouble for Lee and his mill.

My only feeling is that it has to do with Lee’s right-hand man. Somehow he’s the inside man who paid someone off to sabotage the mill. I don’t know why or who, but I think our suspect is close to Lee in some capacity. Jack and Bill will sniff him out and Lee’s Mill will return to working order, and he’ll catch up on all his client’s orders.

I can’t wait to see what happens and how season 3 ends. We only have two more episodes after tonight and I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation.


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