No Man’s Sky: A Virtual Experience?


Virtual Reality gaming has always been a thing gamers dreamed of, but never thought they’d see in their lifetimes. However, with the new generation consoles and tech getting smarter we have already seen many different such systems in action. The PSVR, originally Project Morpheus, being the latest to news dump on us in the last weeks. 

The players watching their countdown clocks waiting on No Man’s Sky have been wondering for a long time now if the game will be utilizing the PSVR technology. Many have asked for it, interviews with Sean Murray have been conducted on the subject, and speculation has ensued.

With the news that PSVR will be launching in October of 2016 has No Man’s Sky  enthusiasts even more eager to know if their favorite upcoming game will be able to be experienced through the newest gaming technology.


Earlier today, Cobra TV, who is a highly respected member of the No Man’s Sky community for anything and everything NMS, has been able to gain some great news. Through a friend of his from game stop we have all learned that No Man’s Sky is indeed set for PSVR. 


Have I always wanted something like this? Of course I have! However, the games being released for the system seem like they will be beyond fun to play, but not enough to have me salivating after the tech.

With the PSVR launching at $400 dollars I have yet to see the games that make me feel it will be worth buying they system for. This is gear designed to work with the PS4, which was originally $400 itself. If the PSVR or any of the other virtual headsets worked as a gaming “console” on their own I might be more excited to buy one.

With the knowledge that NMS will be compatible with PSVR Headset has me more excited for the future of virtual gaming. I’ll keep an eye on the news for virtual gaming from now on and if I see enough games debuting that make the gear worth it then I’ll look into buying one. Until then I’ll be saving my money for the “just in case” situation.

I do hope to one day be able to experience NMS in virtual gaming and other games that will push the technology beyond what it is now. I just don’t know when I’ll jump in, but I know if won’t be in October.

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P.S. U.S. Gamers, Cobra has said that if you call Game Stop they can’t deny that NMS is coming to PSVR. 



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2 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky: A Virtual Experience?”

  1. Great article! Thanks for sharing. I’ve always dreamt of flying a spaceship. I think VR is the closest I’ll get XD. But the price is a tad high in my opinion.

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