No Man’s Sky: A Perfect Match

Most of the community knows that No Man’s Sky has it’s release dates. The earliest to be released in the U.S. 08.09.16. There have been many discussions happening within the NMS communities. One discussion above all has had me look at this game in a new way.

The community talks of speculation about anything from the fauna to space travel, crafting, what we will find at the center, and much more. Also, the communities have been discussing not only game aspects, but that of our real life universe. They have been sharing facts, news, and phenomena. However, from what I’ve seen, the most heated topic of discussion is the question of hype and whether or not the amount being generated will be worth it. Players have taken up both sides of the argument.

Hello Games, the developers of No Man’s Sky,  have promised the most ambitious game to date. A genuinely open universe. You’re free to explore, trade, move about, or stay put all of your own accord. There is no direct objective, only those that you make for yourself and choose to take up.

Those things are precisely what makes up both sides of the argument. Some players feel that the lack of a clear directive, the endless wandering to try and find something to do or doing the same things over again will become dull, too fast.

Others feel that the amount of choices brought up by the player themselves will make the game perfect. The players who feel that the hype is justified and are happy that they won’t have waypoints or a list of objectives they still haven’t yet completed. For some reason, the level of hype is always one of great topic.

Personally, the hype will be worth it to me. I will never regret pouring my life into the community, the hours I’ve spent watching all the videos more than once, the nights I’ve stayed up far too late to function properly the next morning, reading the same articles over and over, and the countless discussions I’ve had with members of the community.

I can understand how many will pick up the controller play for however long it takes them to reach the center and never play again, or play for X-amount of hours and get bored and then never pick up the controller again. I’m like that with every game I own, so I have a feeling I won’t ever get bored or stop playing NMS.

I own plenty of PS4 games. I bought my console and my first few games right at launch. I’ve been collecting ever since. However, there is only one game… one game out of the 20-30 some odd that I own that I’ve actually finished. I’m not talking about on a completionist level either. I mean just the campaign. That was AC Unity. I quite enjoyed that game.


As you can see out of the games I have, I haven’t been through most of them. When I first get a game, I will play it non-stop, between sleep and work, for about a 1-2 weeks and then go on to other things. When I get the chance to game again, I take up something else, but never for long. I don’t game every day or even every week.

Dying Light was beyond fun to play. I didn’t even make it half way through the campaign and that was mostly because every time I turned around I was accidentally picking up another mission. In the mission menu I had dozens and dozens of main and side mission. I became too overwhelmed and eventually just went around drop kicking zombies, but that got boring, and I stopped. I haven’t played the game since and I bought the title upon its release.

No Man’s Sky is a game that will allow me to do what I want when I want to. I won’t have a list of the thousands of things I need to do to complete one task out of 100. I grow anxious when playing a game that I know will be ending and all I have to do is get through these set tasks. I don’t have to worry about building a shelter on one planet of a number far beyond my comprehension just to store valuables. There is no point in me trying to make a home, to feel like I have to put in wasted time and effort, on such a trivial thing. I’ll be far too busy making my presence known in that galaxy to stop and build a home I may never come back to.

With NMS I’ll be able to set down the controller and concentrate on my other hobbies and then pick the game back up knowing I can shoot off into space right away without worrying about coming back or not have to worry about what it was I was doing, in the order I was doing so. I can respawn back onto the planet I was on and scan that odd rock formation that I hadn’t noticed previously. In game what I do is my own. How I choose to spend my time will be my choice. What I discover will give a greater sense of accomplishment that nothing I will have ever known before. I’m comfortable knowing that it never has to end if I don’t want it to.

I have a feeling No Man’s Sky and I will be getting along great and not just because it’s the most diverse and unique game of its kind. It’s a perfect match and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and play at my leisure for any amount of time I choose without worrying about the game ending or an objective I didn’t quite do right or a mission that will need to be started as soon as I boot up the game again. The Hello Games team designed it that way on purpose. Ultimate freedom while not sacrificing game-play to aesthetics.


What do you guys think about all of this? What are your opinions on the hype levels and how are you maintaining yours? I have plans once the game is out to come back and update whether or not my level of hype met expectation, which I’m confident it will. 

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