When Calls The Heart: S3:4 Heart of A Hero Review

Frank with the Axe in the field

During it’s 3rd season, When Calls the Heart, aired it’s fourth episode last week. For the most part the season has been living up to everything the viewers wanted from it. However, with the 4th episode I felt rather let down. Heart of  A Hero was the most odd and disappointing episode on the show to date and here’s why. 

The whole episode everything seemed to happen at once. By the end credits I felt like I hadn’t sat through an entire 40 min episode. Where was everything? Heart of A Hero didn’t bring up any new question, it didn’t answer that many old ones, it didn’t get us thinking or on the edge our seats. For the most part the episode felt flat.

The only thing we saw of Elizabeth and the children was Cody learning a life lesson about love and family and how family doesn’t have to mean blood. Those scenes I felt took up most of the episode and why? Honestly, why? What is Cody’s purpose in Hope Valley? Is he just there to be a filler for Abigail and the son she lost? If that’s the case, which I don’t believe it is, then we can’t forget about Cody’s sister who’s away on recovery. What happens to Cody and Abigail’s dynamic when she returns? His whole character just doesn’t make sense to me.

We hardly see Elizabeth and Jack together in frame the whole episode. Aren’t they supposed to be leading to some big life changing decisions. I don’t see that happening any time soon if they are barely getting any time together. At this rate we’ll see more evolution in Lee and Rosemary’s relationship than we will of Jack and Elizabeth partly because of Faith.

The writers did a good job of giving a plausible reason for Faith being in town and of course there’s more to her story than she’s telling, lies more likely. The reason I have a feeling we won’t be seeing Elizabeth and Jack’s relationship advance any time soon is because of Faith. She’s there, her purpose, is too cause doubt and intrigue. To make us believe that Jack and Elizabeth’s relationship is once again on the precipice of annihilation.

Pretty much the entire season so far we had been expecting a showdown with the Garrison Gang. I had thought it would still be a few ways off still, but no, the Garrison Gang came to town, scared Abigail a little, took their stand, and then the next breath were defeated. There was no build up or wonder or fear.

Jesse came back and gave Cora the warning of the gang like I had a feeling he would. He was with Jack and Bill to intercept the gang when they went to confront Frank, but within moments two of the three members were shot and Garrison was easily chased down. Done, over with. Nothing really exciting happened with the gang. Hearties, I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t help but feel more than let down with how things played out.

Yes, Jesse came around which we were hoping for because you couldn’t help but like him, yes, Jack was our hero again, and yes the Garrison Gang was taken to jail. Okay. Great. Thanks for showing it all so bluntly. So now, Abigail and Frank are a thing, the Garrison gang is gone, Elizabeth and Jack still have an obstacle or two to overcome and the future is still uncertain. Great.

Hearties, what did you guys think of Heart of a Hero


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