No Man’s Sky: The Release Date Is A Go!


From E3 2014, through the months, the teasers, the trailers, and through the coverage, Hello Games has finally announced what date we can expect to play No Man’s Sky this June. 

I’ve been gushing about this game and jittery all day since learning of the release date via Grant Duncan, the lead art programmer of the Hello Games-No Man’s Sky Team, on Twitter early this morning. Two years I have been following every scrap of news, speculation, discussion, and anything else I could get my hands on for this game… 2 years! Today, finally, it is known that No Man’s Sky will be releasing on June 21st for the U.S., June 22nd in Europe, and June 24th in the UK for both PS4 and PC.

The news has hit me hard. I’ve laughed and danced around in a circle like a nut, and even have cried a little from all the excitement. At the same time, I still can’t quite believe we have a date! Not just a year, not just a month, but a legit date.

The game is already available for pre-order on Steam, Amazon, Game Stop, and pretty much anywhere games are sold. There are difference package deals on different buying sites. One might offer an X-amount of units and a unique Multi Tool if you pre-order or something of the kind.If you are like me, I’ll be playing on the PS4, and I have already pre-ordered the limited edition.


The surprises kept on coming when, not only the release date was announced, but also the fact that there are Aliens (NPCs) you can interact with, and these NPCs are going to help you trade, gain material for the faction, or way of playing, you are most interested in pursuing. However, there will be great monoliths and giant stones with “runes”, markings on them scattered about the planets where you can learn the language of the NPCs. Yes, that’s right. To be able to trade and communicate properly, their language must be learned or you can face consequences when interacting with the Aliens by saying the wrong thing? Much like real life is it not? The more you speak, seek out the language, teaching stones, and converse with other players, the more likely you are at succeeding in gaining the things you need from and for your faction of choice. This new information adds a whole new level of game play.


Can you imagine if the Hello Games team has been keeping this from us the whole time, what else they haven’t disclosed? There have already been countless interviews with Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games and creator and programmer of No Man’s Sky, has stated that there are things, many many things about the game that we, the players, will have to discover on our own once the game is in our hands. If these Aliens and the game play element they bring has blown our minds, take a moment and wonder about the things that are still yet to come.

The internet and the No Man’s Sky community is awash with everything that has happened and become available to us today. I can’t wait to be holding my copy in my hands and you bet I’ve already requested the 9th and 10th of August off work to spend the first few days with the game.

I hope you guys are excited about this game as I am. I will definitely be back for more No Man’s Sky related post before release day. What were your reactions or thoughts to today’s developments?


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