When Calls The Heart: S3:3 A Time To Speak Review

The Vote

From last week’s episode, Troubled Hearts, from last season, all the way to the very first episode, When Calls The Heart, has yet to disappoint the viewers. In my review for Troubled Hearts I mentioned a few things that I wanted to see the show address. In A Time To Speak, we saw a few of those happen. 

Before we get into the main issue I want to discuss, let’s hit a few other things first. First being Rosemary. I know a lot of viewers don’t love her, but she has quickly become one of my favorite characters on the show besides the obvious few. In my last review I made a few connections to her roles thus far and her future in Hope Valley and the show.

A Time To Speak brought a development in Rosemary and Lee’s courtship. A much needed one might I add. Rosemary is a good, kind person, but can be a little… stunted in her views. We were finally able to see a deeper side to her personality. We see her character grow for the better when, after misguidedly, trying to help Lee with some of his financials for the mill, she comes to an understanding about the theater she’s been getting Lee to build. She realizes that he shouldn’t have that expense while he is trying to expand his business. She gives up the idea of having the theater for now.

Now, previously, I stated that this theater is what will keep her character in the show with an actual story line. However, with them postponing the building of said theater, who knows how Rosemary’s character will be implemented and grown. I do wish to see more happen on her side of the story soon. I’d rather not lose Rosemary, if not for the reason that getting to know and love a new character is always quite tiresome.

Another things I’ve mentioned is past review is the purpose of Clara’s character. With A time to speak, both she and Abigail learned the truth about the men they had become interested in. For what I said about Clara and Jesse still stands. Even though Clara now knows that Jesse was lying and manipulating her, I see a different path for them now. Jesse’s life was threatened by the Garrison Gang when he failed to bring Frank back into the mix. As I’ve also said before, that whole situation isn’t done and over with yet. I think we are a few episodes away from seeing some sort of show down in the town. However, Jesse may have a change of heart and somehow will warn Frank and the towns people of the gang’s arrival and in the meantime get Clara to trust him again. I feel that Jesse will be around for a while, at least I hope he will be.

Clara’s sole purpose isn’t for Jesse’s side of the story, but for the future of the town as well. At the end of the episode we have Dotty mentioning that she might be opening a dress shop. That’s great news, one because the town doesn’t have anything like it, and two because we’ve all been introduced to Clara’s sewing and cloth making skills. It’s time that she was finally able to put that bit of information to good use.

our future

Lets face it, if the heart heart we had from Jack and Elizabeth while taking the children camping is anything to go by, then they will need an established dress shop to make the wedding attire. Although, if next weeks preview is anything to go by, then we might have to watch them get over one more major obstacle, that is Faith, the nurse Jack met in Hamilton. I knew they had to have one more obstacle come from Jack’s side of things before anything permanent happened between the two.

our future 2

Finally, the larger discussion. There is something that A Time To Speak did that none of the other episodes have done. We’ve seen Elizabeth back in the classroom this season than in the previous. However, her lessons have never transferred into the plot for the rest of the town before. Something she has taught the children have only ever really affected something the children needed to learn outside of the classroom.

Elizabeth’s lesson to the children is about democracy and the power of the people deciding the outcome as a whole. This echos to the problems the town is having with learning of Frank’s past. Gladly, we saw Abigail get over the facts of the past and see her begin to accept the facts of the present. She forgives Frank for his past and for his hiding of it. She stands beside him during the town’s turn.

With Abigail on Frank’s side she quickly enlists the help of Jack and Elizabeth to try and get the town to see that Frank shouldn’t leave and that all should be forgiven. We have Elizabeth giving Gowen what for when she demands to have a meeting with the whole town to help decide Frank’s place within.

I’m a teacher. Time for a lesson.”

At the meeting the democracy lesson pops up again as things are being stated and decided. Soon the town is persuaded to let Frank stay on as the pastor. Elizabeth’s lesson played a far greater role than ever before for everybody in Hope Valley. I hope the writers continue to knit the show together in this way going forward.

The Vote.jpg

So, Rosemary place in the town is still up in the air, the smaller issue with Frank has been resolved, but we still have the Garrison Gang to worry about, Elizabeth and Jack are headed towards an engagement, but we have, hopefully, one last problem (person) to get over before they can get there.

However, a few questions still haven’t been addressed at all like, will we be seeing Charles again this season. Lee mentioned that he still had business with the mill? At the end of season 2 Julie was getting ready to run away, was she not? When will we see what’s been going on with her and how that has gone down? Will Rosemary and Lee get married before Jack and Elizabeth… man I hope not!

“Home is where the heart is.” ~Jack
“Then my home is right here.” ~Elizabeth

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