Fuller House: Episode 3 Review

With the third episode of Fuller House I am now enjoying the show more than ever. I’ve come to terms that I will never get attached to the children in the show, because I just can’t relate anymore. However, D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy I still love completely. 

I have so much fun watching the show and it’s interesting to see the adult side to the girls. It’s also odd, because you look back on how they were as children and teenagers and you try and understand if this is really who’d they be as adults. I know it’s impossible to truly know, and the writers themselves may not have know.

At the same time you still see bits of them that has always been them. Seeing Joey come back for an episode was amazing. He’s always a great character to have on screen, even if he did more interaction with the children. We had Uncle Jesse drop by last episode and Joey this episode, I hope we see Danny in the next. From there I just hope they keep rotating the three out or have them all appear at once here and there. I think that would be really nice. As long as we see them interact with the three girls more than the kids I’ll be happy.

kimmy she wolf

The club scene, which I guess has D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy there for pretty much the entire episode, was so much fun to watch. D.J’s character is a little over the top with jokes, but she pulls them off so well and she did make me laugh. Stephanie and Kimmy play well off each other as they always have and it was nice to see them in a more “adult” setting rather than just all in the house. And I’m pretty sure the “she wolf pack” is already a thing the fan have adopted. I hope that pops up again during the show.

I did enjoy this episode the most out of the previous two. I’m glad to see the series pick up more momentum and I can’t wait for the good time ahead it’s sure to bring.

What did you guys think of episode 3? What do you hope for the future of Fuller House?(NO SPOILERS)

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