When Calls The Heart: 3:2 Troubled Hearts Review


Troubled Hearts I thought was quite the episode!

First we have Elizabeth renting a home in Hope Valley with the explanation that she wants to put down roots. Then we get Jack’s discussion with Lee about building himself a home, which in turn shows that he’s also ready to put down roots. We also get Jack admitting to Lee that the home may be for Elizabeth some day as well! I really hope their engagement isn’t far off.

New Home.jpg

Can I just say that I love Jack and Lee’s friendship. I do believe that half the reason they brought Lee into the story was to create balance for our couple. Elizabeth has Abigail and so Jack needed someone he could talk to and confide in. Also, Lee may have been their quick fix for Rosemary’s romantic attentions since she couldn’t have Jack. With that thought, though, we need to take a closer look at Rosemary’s involvement.

First, she came to Hope Valley, Coal Valley as it was known then, in hopes of getting Jack back. When that didn’t pan out she started the towns advice column… for comic relief? No one is really sure. From there she began her courtship with Lee which might be the basis for how she gets the theater up and running. Which may be her whole character’s reason for being in Hope Valley, even though that future still might be far off yet. She played a bigger hand in the town when she gathered everybody together and put on the New Year’s celebration, but now she’s back to random activities like, helping Lee around the mill. I think that the writers aren’t quite sure what to do with Rosemary and even if they are sure, they may not know how to get her there quite yet. I have taken to Rosemary, though, so I do hope they keep her around for a while yet, I just wished she had a more fixed position for being there still.


Finally, we have Frank and everything he’s brought to the show. From the first few interactions between him and Abigail I hoped they would start a relationship, but I also knew that Frank hadn’t always been for the good team. His presence on the show brings up a new slue of questions and potential for what drives the plot of season 3.

He brings Jesse to town. Jesse strikes up an interest in Clara. We don’t know yet if that’s because Clara is Abigail’s family and Frank is interested in Abigail or if Jesse¬†genuinely likes her. If that’s the case the I bet we can see Clara turn Jesse to the ways and ideals of Hope Valley.

In the meantime though we have Jesse pushing Frank to join the gang again. Frank is adamant that isn’t his life anymore, but then blows off Abigail who reasons we are not yet privy to. If he was certain about turning away from the life of crime then he would be investing himself to the town and the relationships it offers.

Even with all that we have Abigail finding Frank’s wanted poster on the door to her cafe. Which we can only assume was put there by Jesse to keep them apart so Frank had no reason not to return to the gang. We have Bill looking into the stage coach robbery that killed Dotty’s husband. Bill knowing the robber personally may not help matters as the robber might be the man that was running Frank’s gang and the same people Jesse is trying to get Frank to come back to. All in all I think all of these things are bringing danger closer and closer to Hope Valley.

What I hope to see is for Abigail to forgive Frank for a past he’s already asked forgiveness for, for Jack to some how understand what’s happening between Jesse and Frank and be there in time to stop any harm that might come from them both being in Hope Valley. For Rosemary to have a bigger contribution to the story line, and for the thing that will bring Elizabeth and Jack one step closer to union.

Hearties, these were my thoughts as I watched Troubled Hearts. What were yours and did they mirror mine at all? Episode 3 comes on tonight and I will be back shortly for that review. You can expect reviews for each episode every Sunday.

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