When Calls The Heart: 3:1 New Year’s Wish Review

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The start of Season 3 for When Calls The Heart, first aired December 27th, 2015 as a 2 hour special. All in all, holiday specials don’t always adhere to the story line, but “New Year’s Wish” didn’t have that problem. In this episode we see questions from the end of Season 2 finalized, new conflicts to solve, and a few questions that leave us wondering. 

The main focus of this episode is of course the New Year. Surprisingly, Rosemary’s role in Season 3 becomes ever more cemented as it is she, not any other main character, who has the driving force to bring the plot of the episode around.

She is the one to get a New Year celebration going (because she won a contest and a reporter will be coming to interview her), the one to organize help in the form of committees, and eventually the one to make sure everything comes together, mostly by enlisting the help of Lee. Abigail pretty much only hosts the area for a drop area of item for the time capsule they plan on laying to ground for the new year. Jack has no role in bringing the New Year celebrations around and Elizabeth is in charge of the children who will be putting on a program on New Years Eve. However, we only catch a few second of that program before it is seemingly taken over by Elizabeth and Jack before the New Year’s celebrations get underway.

The Takeover

Rosemary has quickly become one of my favorite characters and I’m happy to see her position in Hope Valley grow more firm, but at the same time I would love to see our main character more active in the backbone of the episode.

With the start of the new season we welcome back more time with Elizabeth in the classroom. Most of season 2 had us away from the people and the town we had grown to love so much. Switching the focus back to Elizabeth’s wish to make a difference hopefully is the sign that we will be seeing more of Hope Valley, formerly Coal Valley, and less of Elizabeth in Hamilton.

New Year’s Wish shows us wonderful character development and a deeper look into the past of characters we haven’t had enough insight into. With Jack you still see him struggle with his insecurities when it comes to the more qualities deemed more socially acceptable by Elizabeth’s family. The show quickly handles Charles proposing to Elizabeth and Jack being witness, by having the two characters willing to discuss the animosity between them and resolve their issues quickly. Jack is willing to be open about the fact that he has doubts about his role and Charles’ role, without shutting Elizabeth out completely and being able to reassure her and give her hope for his feelings and their future. In turn Elizabeth is able to understand Jack’s position and thoughts and doesn’t over react to Jack’s confusion.

Season 2 left off with our good Avery in prison. Season 3’s opening episode quickly resolves that and with little argument nothing else is said about the whole ordeal.

Abigail is tested as food goes missing from her cafe and she soon learns that a runaway boy is stealing the food. Of course Abigail being Abigail she takes the boy and his sick sister in and tries to figure out how to proceed from there.

This boy also helps us see more to Jack than we have before. Jack shares some of his past with the boy and we see Elizabeth learn more about him, we see Jack learn more about their relationship in turn and through it all we see the pair of them grow ever closer.

Jack's Past.jpg

The end of the first episode leaves us, of course, with more questions.

  1. How will this new guy from Frank’s past blow everything up?
  2. Will it take Jack and Elizabeth a whole season to be engaged or married, since they are taking things slow?
  3. We had Charles come and stir up some things from Jack and Elizabeth, but there is always a symmetry to these things. Is it plausible to say that someone for Jack will soon be in Hope Valley to possibly sever their relationship?
  4. Will the time capsule ever be mentioned again?
  5. Did our beloved couple contribute to the capsule? If so, how will that come to play in future, if indeed the capsule is indeed seen again?
  6. When will Jack’s career interfere with them again?

When Calls The Heart Season 3 episode 1 kicked off with great potential and authenticity. The rest of the season has me in much anticipation. Hearties, what do you guys think of the Season 3 Pilot and what are your thoughts the future of the towns people and or favorite couple?

A review will be up for Season 3:2 soon. I will be doing an episode review every Sunday following every new episode!

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P.S. I’m sorry for those who had only been able to keep up with the show on Netflix and missed the “first” episode of season 3 when the season officially premiered this February (2016). 


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