Fuller House: Episode 1 Review


*I will not tolerate spoilers as I will be watching
and reviewing one episode everyday. *

Fuller House took flight today, February 26, 2016. Since it’s announcement by the Netflix team the internet has been talking of nothing but. When the trailer was released I cried a little just from pure nostalgia. Episode of Fuller House took a spin I didn’t quite expect, but am beyond happy that in was done the way it was. 

Fuller House is the companion show to Full House, which first debuted in ’87. Adults of the 80’s and kids of the 90’s fell in love and grew up with that show. It was a show centered on family, morals, and getting through the tough times together.


The episode opened with a snippet of the original theme and I knew that I was going to love this!

I expected the pace the original show took. Problems didn’t pop into dialogue out of nowhere back then, but with the first episode of Fuller House it did and within the first few minutes you find out why. The Netflix team took great care to remember and pay homage to the original show. We were reintroduced to the main original adult characters one at a time, with their funny gimmicks and catch phrases we all lived for. From Joey’s comedy to Uncle Jesse’s ramblings, songs, and his “Have Mercy”.

The kids, who are now all grown up, were also introduced one at a time. The cast even did a little gag at the Olsen twins for not reuniting on set with the rest of the cast. The script was quick to relay that Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin, John Stamos, and David Coulier, had taken different jobs out of the city which implied they will not be the focus of the show anymore. That was sad, but understandable especially with Lori Loughlin’s spot on When Calls The Heart. Even though they all couldn’t stay it was great to see them all on the same set once more, even if it was for a short episode.

The first episode was all about reintroducing the characters and comparing bits to the past. There were even some areas where there was double screen showing footage from the original how as the cast played out a similar routine for the first episode.

I laughed like I expected for the show and the cast to be what and who they are and I absolutely loved the nostalgia we were all taken on. However, I do hope from now on we get too see more of the original pace and care throughout the episodes.

The first episode was perfect and I’m overjoyed that it played out the way it did. Bringing back the entire (minus the Olsen Twins) cast for the first episode has me feeling like I’m once again watching Full House. If they had brought only the kids, now adults, from the orginal show nothing would have felt the same. So great job Netflix!

I’ll be back everyday with an episode review. We can also only hope that as the show levels out we’ll have specific topics to discuss. I hope you join me. Sadly for the first season we only have 13 episodes. That should keep up pretty busy for now though.

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