Dan and Phil U.S. Tour- The Life of TABINOF

Denver Date

Dan (aka: danisnotonfire) and Phil (aka: AmazingPhil) have announced their U.S. tour this week on Twitter for their book, The Amazing Book Is Not on Fire: The World of Dan and Phil. The best part of this news is that they have already released the tour lineup!

I can’t express to you all how excited I am for finally hearing that Dan and Phil are gracing the U.S. with their presence. I’ve been waiting for this tour since their announcement of the book! No, seriously, it’s been abut a year. March 26, 2015 Dan and Phil released the book’s trailer to the public.

I watched this and didn’t understand life anymore and I 90% thought it was some kind of prank or other random thing they were doing, but nope, hahaha surprise! The very next day Dan and Phil released a video talking about the book trailer, the book’s release, and the UK tour that was set very soon. I was highly mad at myself during that time that I still lived in the U.S.

Several months went by in pure and utter agony and then we were all soon to learn that the book wouldn’t be releasing until October 13th (Well, for me here in the U.S. I wouldn’t get my copy until then). Four months! From the time they actually deemed us worthy of noting the release date we had to wait four bloody months for this magnificent piece of their lives. Why world, whhhyyy!

Upon the UK’s release date for the book, October 8th, Dan and Phil released a video montage of their book writing/making journey they had gone through that year. This video was that much more precious because they took the time to film everything as things happened so that one day they could share the milestones and the joy with us all.

October 13th finally rolled around and I had my copy in my hands!! I couldn’t believe I was finally holding this books after months and months of following the news and updates about it. Here is a video where I open the package containing TABINOF for the first time on camera no less.

In the reveal video Dan did say that the thought and ideas for creating the book happened about a year before that video took place. The reveal happened in March 2015, but in one of Phil’s videos which was uploaded on September 15, 2014 you can clearly see some sort of copy for TABINOF on the table behind him. It’s crazy how long they had to keep their brilliant project a secret. Those cheeky fellas.

The book alone wasn’t enough for them, because in December of 2015 they released yet another trailer announcing that book was being revamped for audio. With that there was also several behind the scene videos released of them reading their written pages for the audio. Honestly, I own both mediums.

All this happened so close together and through it all we still never got our U.S. tour we were so desperately in need of. I’ve watched all the videos. I’ve read the book (several times). I’ve listened to the audio version (more times than I’ve read the book). Hey don’t judge, Dan and Phil get up to some funny banter during recording that’s not in the book.

Tour Logo

Finally, though, FINALLY, Dan and Phil are coming to the U.S. for the long awaited tour on this side of the pond. Dan tweeted the sneak peak of the tour lineup and I literally was shouting and hooting for joy when I saw that they will be in Denver, CO in June. The only Colorado location and the only location that is close by. I’m beyond over joyed!

I’ve heard such great things about the show they put on for their tour. The fact that they try to be involved as much as possible to make it a memorable experience for the phans is nothing short of amazing.

A theatrical stage show with hilarious anecdotes, sketches, lots of audience interaction we’ll probably regret, a loose story tying it all together and some SURPRISES you’ll never see coming.. this is The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire! Come see Dan and Phil IRL ✨


Ticket Logo

The U.S. Dan and Phil Tour kicks off in Orlando, FL on April 22. The rest will be a once in a lifetime opportunity and you can be sure that I’ll be sat at my computer waiting to buy my ticket the second they go on sale tomorrow the 26th. TATINOF is here!

I hope to see my other Phan members in Denver!

Ticket’s and Location: Dan and Phil U.S. Tour
Dan and Phil Merch: danandphilshop.com
Official Book Page: TABINOF






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