No Man’s Sky: #1 Opportunity of 2016

Finally, in our lifetimes, the opportunity to own your own spaceship and travel the stars to your heart’s content is possible. 

Well actually, on August 9th it will be possible. No Man’s Sky is your ticket to being able to board a ship of your own and blast off into the unknown reaches of the universe. No Man’s Sky is every dream and every wish that has come true. The chance for great adventure. The opportunity to leave everyone and everything you have ever known behind and start anew.

Over 2/3 of what you see and experience will be done so by you first and no other. The places, animals, flora, stars, suns, moons, and planets you encounter first will be known forever as yours by all those who come across it thereafter. No Man’s Sky will be the game of the year and in my opinion the game to beat for decades to come.

Created by Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games

No Man’s Sky will be releasing in August 9th, 2016 on PS4 and PC. There is so much that No Man’s Sky is and has to offer that I don’t know what to even to tell you. So I’ll make a list.

No Man’s Sky:

“It’s infinite and it’s one that everyone can share. …No two people will have the same experience.” ~Sean Murray, E3 2014

  1. Is a procedurally generated game.
  2. Has no loading screens.
  3. Expands the infinite space of the universe.
  4. Has over 18 quintillion planets or moons you can explore.
  5. You could play this game your whole life and not see everything.
  6. You never have to land on a planet if you don’t want to.
  7. You can be anything while traversing this universe: Trader, Pirate, explorer, scavenger or all the above.
  8. You can choose allies and gain foes.
  9. Is not an MMO.
  10. Can be played offline.
  11. What you discover is yours alone forever.
  12. If you upload what you discover other players will be able to see it via in game domain.
  13. If you and a friend want to play together, it might take you up to 100 real time hours to find each other depending on what may or may not distract you from your path.
  14. The goal is to get to the center of the galaxy, but you don’t have to or once reached you can go beyond.

For more information in bullet point, this is the best article: 41 Amazing Things About NMS

This is just a few of the things No Man’s Sky is and has to offer. The first showcase of this game was at E3 2014 and ever since we have all been waiting to play. This game is truly the only one that can boast individual game play. Every planet, animal, and terrain are procedurally generated. This game has math and logic built in and everything you see and explore and shoot is derived from that programming.

The Hello Games team has built the game with its own Periodic Table of Elements, which the No Man’s Sky community calls the Murrayotic Table. These elements are what drives you to steal, scavenge, and explore. They can be combined into, what now we can only assume is, infinite possibilities. The materials you find, the animals, and plants you discover can all be uploaded into the in-game atlas. Doing so gives you the in-game currency, Units, which is then spent to buy better ships, weapons, and upgrades, which in turn gives you the ability to discover and go further and deeper.

I can’t wait to see what E3 2016 brings us. I have always wanted a game like this, not that I knew this is what I’ve been dying to get my hands on. No Man’s Sky won The Most Anticipated Game of 2016 award at the 2015 Game Awards. From what I’ve seen around the web and of the community I know that to be true. This is a game that one shouldn’t miss out on.

No Man’s Sky will be the biggest game of 2016. No matter what type of gamer you are: hardcore, casual, indecisive, or not a gamer at all, No Man’s Sky has something for you!

Above is one video of many from a YouTube Channel, Cobra Tv. He covers any new news, speculation, community discussions and he is my fix for No Man’s Sky besides the official page.

I have so much more planned for you guys on the subject of NMS before release and that much more after release. Some will be quite beneficial to the players!

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