Game Gab: Firewatch

Firewatch is a new 2016 game which debuted, February 9th. Today wasn’t only the game’s first day, but also the first release of the developers, Campo Santo. Visually, this game is stunning from the colors to the graphics. The voice actors are on point, and the ambiance is everything you would expect from a casual stroll through the wilderness.

camp santo


You play as Henry, a man new to the Rocky Mountains, for reasons that are his own. The game hooks you quickly and then it’s a whirlwind of exploring and trying to figure out a mystery that has presented itself rather… dangerous to you and your supervisor, Delilah.

Honestly, I must have played through the entire game in about 4-5 hours. I had only planned to play the first hour or so to get some footage for my gaming channel, but once I started playing I couldn’t stop and then the next thing I knew the story had played out. The story in itself is rather short, but there is one thing I’ll regret not doing through the first play through. The only contact you have with Delilah is through a radio and talking with her is how the story progresses. I did too much talking with Delilah and not enough exploring the world around me.


The game is set through days, and after the first few, things progress quickly. I should have gone “radio silent” and took my time exploring the area and finding all of the hidden paths I knew were out there but thought I could always return to later, boy was I wrong. Once the story played out, that was it. I wasn’t dumped back into the forest and my lovely watch tower that I had grown fond of, but all that remained was a black screen. Maybe my patience ran out and I just didn’t wait long enough through the black screen, but I doubt there was anything more to see.

Firewatch is a game I would highly recommend. Take in the gripping story and take your time exploring and finding everything there is to find. However, at certain points playing a singular bit of story line does open up a different part of the map. So it’s a fine balance between needing to progress the story and exploring. I’m glad I bought and played through this game and the best part is, because I did happen to miss a few things, I can always go back in and start over, which I don’t mind doing at all. Maybe even through the second play through I won’t miss anything and even then I probably won’t mind going back in for a third time just for the stunning beauty the game offers. Campo Santo did a magnificent job with their first release and I can’t wait to see what else they will have to offer us in future.


Official Developer Page: Campo Santo
Official Game Page: Firewatch


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