Headspace: 5 Days In

you’re learning how to breathe and take a moment to collect yourself. With only five sessions my anxiety hasn’t been such a permanent forefront thing in my mind at all times.


Headspace is a meditation tool that can be used from the web or through an app of the same name. It was created by Andy Puddicombe, who left college in his early twenties and pursed a 10 year journey studying meditation by becoming a monk. 

Nothing in the Headspace program has you thinking of religion. The soul purpose is to teach you the wonderful art of meditation and all the practice can do for mind and body. There is a free trial period where the consumer can take part in called, Take 10. The free trial is 10 sessions for 10 minutes each. I have taken up the free trial.


I suffer from severe anxiety, depression, and many other mental issues on a daily basis. I have journeyed through the first 5 days of Headspace and I am enjoying it immensely. Andy himself is taking you through the sessions and for the first 10 sessions, which is the first level of “foundation” technique of meditation you are focused on letting go of your struggles and problems. You’re learning how to breathe and take a moment to collect yourself. You’re learning how to live in the moment and take your tasks as they come and not worrying about everything that will ever be or every thing you will ever need to accomplish in your life all at once.

With the start of a few of the sessions Headspace provides a small animated illustration about what you’re most trying to understand with the upcoming exercise. The animations are unique, creative, and most importantly, helpful. The session that follows the illustration is taking teaching from past sessions, but at the same time adding something new.

I didn’t quite understand what meditation was before I started using Headspace. There are many aspects to the practice that I still don’t understand or have yet been introduced to. However I don’t plan to stop my journey through the free 10 day trail and I already have half a mind to keep my meditation journey going by signing up for the full thing.

With only five sessions my anxiety hasn’t been such a permanent forefront thing in my mind at all times. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, other mental health issues, or you find yourself feeling stressed and can’t seem to take a pause and breathe, then I highly suggest you give Headspace a try.

There are areas for all struggles of life this practice can help you with. I can’t wait to see what the next 5 days bring me and I am beyond excited and lose time thinking about future sessions I can take in different areas, but I have learned, through meditation, not to dwell on such things. Yoga didn’t work, regular exercise (for the sole purpose of trying to alleviate the problems I’ve already spoke of) didn’t work. So far, and I have very early in my pursuit, meditation has been helping and every day I look forward to the time I have set aside to take my 10 minutes or more.

What Is It?: Headspace: A Meditation Tool
Official Web Page: Headspace.com

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