Story Review: The Tell-Tale Heart

“The Tell-Tale Heart” had captured me so convincingly because from the very first line the narrator spoke so calmly, but yet spoke of things that would normally cause great disruption.


Many Know of Edgar Allan Poe. The Poe loving community recently celebrated his 207th birthday. However, not many have actually read more than a few works by the late author. Sadly, I am one of those who haven’t read much by A. E. Poe. I have only read the few things that were required during school, but even though I never read beyond the allotted readings, I do love what I have read by Poe. So much so that I went as far as to buy a hard copy of his complete works some time last year. I bought the complete edition in the hope that having the great volume stare me in the eye every day would persuade me to read more. The plan worked… slightly.

The first story I decided to tackle was one I had read before. “The Tell-Tale Heart” was one we were required to read in junior high. I fell in love with that story and Poe’s writings ever since and so, of course, when starting this reading adventure, I stepped in with something familiar.

“The Tell-Tale Heart” had captured me so convincingly because from the very first line the narrator spoke so calmly, but yet spoke of things that would normally cause great disruption. The story continued as it should, perfectly paced as the narrator told his story. You’re calm while reading because the narrator is so while speaking and yet, at the same time, you feel a sense of urgency, a desperation to reach a conclusion that has yet to arrive. With the end of the narrator’s tale you still don’t find the solace you had sought throughout the entire reading, realizing it had never quite manifested itself and you begin to wonder at your own sanity for believing the narrator had any at all.


The writing is dark and seductive, making you wonder, what if. You see what is described with perfect clarity and soon you forget you are reading and instead fancy yourself watching a riveting movie with an ending you already know, but want nothing more than to see with your own eyes. With Poe’s vivid descriptions of the beating heart you find your own still pacing long after you’ve shut the book to its own.


With the passing of Poe’s 207th birthday the urge to read any and all of his words became stronger than ever. I had an idea form in order to kill two birds with one stone. I would read one of Poe’s stories or poems every few… whenever, but I would film myself doing so in order to have more content uploaded to my BookTube channel. So, yes, along with this short, but hopefully satisfying review of the “Tell Tell-Tale Heart” I offer you to skip over to my channel to hear me read the one of many stories that gave Poe all the praise he deserved… out loud.

Story Time: A Reading of The Tell Tale Heart
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