NaNoWriMo 2015: Week 2

If you’re struggling right now… Keep looking up, looking around, and eventually you’ll find the inspiration you need to drive your story forward once more.


Hello WriMos!

I hope you are all trying with all your might to meet everyday’s word count. Coming toward the end of week 3 I know I am struggling, hard.

During week one I was able to stay on top of the word count and beyond. I remember there was a day where I wrote over 5,000 words. But then week 2 rolled around. I was still shelling out my daily word counts, but I was finding it harder to surpass the minimum and then I did something kind of bad.

Fallout 4 arrived and I spent the first two days of it’s release familiarizing myself with the game. During those two days I didn’t reach the minimum word count, but I did manage to write more than nothing.

Once I put the game away and got back to my story I found that I did alright for a day or so, but then disaster struck! My story had found it’s first sore spot. I no longer knew how to drive the story forward and I didn’t know what my characters were doing anymore. Like, why would you take her to the abandoned church if you weren’t ready to talk about the past? But whatever, soon me and my characters worked everything out and I found that by the end of the week I was slightly ahead once more.

But during those few days of staring at my computer scree, my two main characters in a slight huff with each other, I was more than a little bereft and often I would find myself standing from my desk and walking aimlessly about the house trying to regain some sense of control. I didn’t give up though. I read a book. I watched one of my favorite shows that I had been missing terribly, The Vampire Diaries (Seriously, if you haven’t started that show yet, you should. The drama and the feels are very much real). Then right on time I found what I needed by just living my life I was able to get my story back on track.

Update Week 2

At the end of week 2 it was time to fly off to San Francisco for the annual NaNoWriMo event, The Night of Writing Dangerously. Once there I fell into a good pattern, but it was when I returned home that I fell into that horrible slump once again. Week 3 isn’t looking so hot.

In week 2 I managed to pushed on and eventually made it through my slump, although I can’t say the same for my poor characters. I am determined not to let my moods get the better of me this year. I am going to push through week 3 as well. We are almost done with this challenge this year you guys. We can’t give up when we only have a week and a half left for us to torture and conquer.

Week 1 was brilliant, week 2 was a trial, and we’ll see what happens and the end of week 3. I have fallen into that writing pit we all eventually do and right now I don’t see a way to climb back up, but I’m going to keep looking. If you’re struggling right now I advise you do the same. Keep looking up, looking around, and eventually you’ll find the inspiration you need to drive your story forward once more.

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