Book Review: Obsidian

Lux Beginnings

She was happy with her just her mom, her blog, her books, but then they had to move. She didn’t expect to find such a hottie next door and she didn’t expect to dislike him so much. Then, with just a small mistake he will have a place in her life for reasons she would never have dreamed possible. 

“Lux Beginnings” is a bind-up of Jennifer L. Armentrout‘s Lux series containing the first two books, Obsidian, and Onyx.  This 800 (paperback) bind-up is a quick read with somewhat relateable characters.

As  reader you connect with the main female character, Katy, easily. She’s a loner who loves to read and has her own blog where she talks about nothing but books. The male main character, Daemon, is much more detached to the reader than any main character that I have read in a long time. Katy and her mom move to a small town and settle in next door to a brother and sister living on their own.

Katy makes friends quickly with the sister, but the brother is an automatic jerk to her right off the bat. As you read through the story you understand why he is so horrible, but in the beginning you feel that the emotion he shows is still too much for the situation and I felt that way even after I had finished the book.

It’s not long after moving in that Katy learns the secret of the family next door. If the characters were unrelateable at the start, after finding out that the brother/sister duo next door are aliens the connection the reader has to the characters drops to next to nothing.

As the story progresses you can sympathize on the level that you wan’t your life to be your own and you want to keep your family safe, but everything else they go through you can’t identify at all. Now even after saying all this would I still recommend the book? Yes, I would.

Armentrout’s writing style is incredible. From the first two paragraphs you’re hooked into the story because the writing style is so easy to read through that you’re 20 pages into the story before you know what happened. I’m one who doesn’t like a lot of drama in my life, but I LOVE to read all the drama and Obsidian has the drama. From the very beginning there is no getting away from the drama and it’s done is such a way that it’s balanced just perfectly to keep you reading.

At the end of the book you realize that despite the odd unrelateable characters and the drama on every page, you find that you read a really good story. Armentrout knows how to deliver a great story and I can’t wait to finish the series to see what else the characters will be put through.


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