Book Review: Neptune’s Tears

Neptune’s Tears by Susan Waggoner is a pleasant little read that took me by surprise. I picked up this 218 (Hardcover) paged book because I wanted something I could read in a few hours to help rack up my reading count for the month.  I Never expected to enjoy it as much as I did. 

Susan creates beautiful world building as you follow the life of a girl, Zee, working at a hospital in the year 2,218 as an empath, which basically means she has the power and the skill to attain the physical feelings of others as well as give them. Susan delves you right into the story and because you are reading this from a third person point of view giving you direct insight into the characters, Susan doesn’t info dump. She gives you only what the characters know and are used to.

Zee wants to be the best empath at the hospital and it’s possible. She is the top in her field and she is well on her way to career perfection. For empath retaining certain feelings can be very bad… like the feeling of love. Once an empath falls in love their emotions and thoughts are no longer their own and they become polluted. An empath in love can still do their job, but not to the degree they once had.

Zee is determined to never fall in love until she meets handsome, mysterious David who catches her off guard from the very first moment of their meeting. It turns out that David is keeping many secrets and whenever Zee is with him she always manages to catch the glimpse of a strikingly beautiful woman she saw David speak with once.

David gives her just enough information about himself to have Zee believing the impossible, the probable, and the wondrous, but now Zee must make a choice, one that will uproot her entire life for one man she had fallen in love with hard and fast.

Attraction to an alien? There was a no-fly zone for you. Absolutely the last thing she needed. Except that, just now, it seemed to be exactly what she wanted. A little bit dangerous, a little bit unknown. Just this once, she told herself. Just his once. She might even find out their real reason for being here.

Neptune’s Tears was the perfect, fluffy read to enjoy for the few hours it took me to read through it. The characters are relateable, the world new and familiar at the same time, and the love story a classic that we can’t help but to not read. Once you start, and you want to start, you won’t be able to put the book down until you know the reason for David and his kind being there and for most the ending will surprise you…

I went into this book believing it was a stand alone, but the ending gives just enough nudge to make you believe it’s not. I looked it up and sure enough it isn’t. I plan on getting my hands on the second book soon.

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