Book Review: The Reality Bug (Pendragon BK4)


Follow me through space and time. To other worlds far more wonderful than our own in one of the best adventures there has ever been. Actually, don’t follow me, follow Bobby Pendragon and help save every world, every time, and everything that ever was and will be. 

The fourth installment of the Pendragon series, The Reality Bug, by D.J. MacHale, is far beyond anything you have read in this series so far and it sets up the next six books to come in a way you will never seen coming.

Bobby is struggling with a part of himself he had to face for the first time at the end of the third book, The Never War. As he tries to hold up a part of him that is threatening to crumble, he must also save a territory where the world has pretty much already done so.

In these 375 (Hardcover) pages you run around with Bobby on a territory known as Veelox. Here the territory is like Second Earth, where Bobby is from. On Veelox the technology is highly more advance thanks to a kid genius.

Tell me something. Have you ever wanted to be able to create your own reality? To create a reality with your rules, your way of life, the perfect Utopia for you? Well on Veelox that is possible for everybody. They get plugged into these machines and they then live in a world of their own creation for the duration they choose to stay hooked up.

Soon everybody on Veelox chooses to live in their own made up reality of the machines rather than the real world. Bobby and his new traveler friend, Aja, have to figure out how to convince the people to leave their fantasy worlds and rejoin the territory’s reality before their world is no longer habitable. Aja has a plan and with the help of Bobby they put that plan into motion. The events that ensue after that are nothing short of a breath halting, chaotic stream of events. This is also the point where Bobby’s friends, Mark and Courtney, who have been keeping the journals Bobby has been sending them about his time as a traveler, are now at the point where their part in the books start to play a much larger role. From this point forward everything Mark and Courtney decide to do will have an impact on Second Earth, Bobby and his mission, and all of Halla.

The Reality Bug is a big turning point for the series.  Everything that happens within these pages are events and characters that you will never see coming. Not only is Bobby changed forever, but Saint Dane’s powers are growing, Halla is changing and everything is now up in the air.

Will you be able to keep your feelings in check as you read through this?

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