Book Review: Between the Lines

“…We are reading about a girl, reading about a boy… You fall for Oliver with no trouble and sympathize with Delilah without a second thought.”


Between The Lines

I couldn’t put this books down! This book was everything you could ever hope for. The writing style was amazing, the story was brilliant, the characters were easy to fall in love with, the different POVs were a breeze to keep up with, and I will definitely be giving this a reread in future. I’m already on the hunt for the sequel.

I know Jodi Picoult is one of those writers that seem to have quite a few stories under her belt all ranging in genre. Between The Lines has been the first book I have ever read by her and her daughter, Samantha Van Leer. I had only heard of this book fairly recently through it’s sequel/companion novel, Off The Page.

Off The Page

The main character, Delilah, is easy to identify with because like many readers, she reads Prince Oliverto escape her reality for everything a fiction world has to offer. Within these 352 (paperback) pages are small doodles and whole page illustrations that are absolutely worthy to be enlarged, framed, and mounted over a fireplace.  We are reading about a girl, reading about a boy. With, Between The Lines, we have three stories, where two of those stories merge into one.

Delilah is reading Oliver’s fairy tale and she soon learns that not only can she speak with Oliver in a highly real sense, but for the characters of her book, the lives and the world of those characters continue on when the book is not opened. We have three different alternating chapters: The fairy tale in which Oliver lives and the book Delilah is reading, Delilah’s, and finally Oliver’s. There are many books in which the several POV’s have been an immediate turn off for me and then there are books where the POV’s have been a mere thing that I had to endure for the sake of the story, but with Between The Lines the two, first person POV’s of Delilah and Oliver respectively and the third person POV for the fairy tale is not only easy to follow, but improves and adds to the story in a way that I have never read before.

Page 43

You fall for Oliver with no trouble and sympathize with Delilah without a second thought. The fairy tale is lovely, the side characters are everything, and the ending you don’t see coming until you’re there. I read through this book in one day and I’ve already been searching the web to see how much the sequel will set me back.

We soon fall into a love story so innocent and a love so impossible we are dragged into the story without resistance. It has been a long time since I have picked up a book and have not wanted to put it down, but I’m glad Between The Lines has been that sort of book for me.

Jodi Picoult Books

Between The Lines

Off The Page

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