Book Review: The Ocean At The End of The Lane

“From every angle the marketing team took to showcase this book I expected deep meaning of prose and maybe a philosophical spin. I NEVER expected to read what I found to be the focus this story. “


Maybe I just wasn’t paying much attention. That actually is quite possible. But I remember the adverts for Neil Gaiman’s “Ocean at the End of The Lane” to be more geared towards an adult audience. From every angle the marketing team took to showcase this book I expected deep meaning of prose and maybe a philosophical spin. I NEVER expected to read what I found to be the focus this story. 


The argument can be made that I wasn’t paying attention either to the adverts or by not reading the synopsis on the inside cover of the book. Yes, I did not read the synopsis. I had seen so much on this book already that I thought I knew what I was getting myself into and instead of wasting any more time, I jumped straight in.

The story started off promising enough from what I had thought I knew of what it would be about: there was an old man reflecting on his life, remembering a childhood friend, and in his remembrance he was there to witness the discovery of a corpse, a once living person that rented out one of the room in his parent’s house. THERE! That is where any assumed expectation stopped for this story. After the little boy saw that dead body thee entirety of the story changed in a weird way.

This book turned out to be an old man, whose memories we find later have been altered, but yet he manages to tell us the whole story from his ten year old perspective. From the little boy’s eyes we see a corpse, then he meets a little girl who isn’t actually that young. There is some sort of evil, magical being after the little boy, and the little girl and her family try and save him… and I don’t even know guys. I was able to keep up, but at the same time I was thoroughly confused through the whole book, mostly just asking myself why I was still reading. If you want to read more about the book check out Neil’s page here, The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

I’ll be honest with you guys. If I had known what this book was truly about I would have read it gladly and I wouldn’t have been turned off  by what I was reading because I probably wouldn’t have been expecting something different.

I found that I was left with more questions at the end of the book than solid answers. I don’t have much to mention about this book. It was a short read and as I was reading I kept wanting to read more solely because Neil is a good writer in that regard, but this won’t be a book I read again. This won’t be a book that I say, “Hey, you should give this a try.” I will probably donate this book to one of our little free libraries we have up around town.

This is the first book I’ve ever picked up by Gaiman and based on this I won’t try another unless you guys tell me I should definitely try —– of his book.

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