D.W.P. 19 A New Hunt!

July 31

Prompt: Write a newspaper article about a crime one of your character has committed.

Light of the early morning filtered through the closed blinds into the small living space.  It splayed on the center of the room, illuminating the small coffee table with the long since dead vase of flowers.

A man sat in the corner away from the light holding a newspaper. He had read it through five times already, but that didn’t stop him from reading it one more time. They were catching up, becoming dangerously close to figuring out who he is.

His confidence was starting show the first chips flaking off. In the last six years they have been unable to find any information on him. He had also been careful, too careful at times when it came time for one of his jobs.

He’s not sure what he had done wrong this time, but now he would lay low. He would draw up a whole new battle plan, change his whole game. They would never come close to finding him again. He read the article for a final time, before he would move out of that small, dismal apartment forever.

The Underground Review      

A Man Hunt Has begun!


Yesterday officials found new evidence in finding a man they have been looking for, for over six years. This man, whom we have been unable to identify, is wanted for fraud on twelve different accounts.

Officials have been able to piece together this man’s chain of accounts by hiring the very best, Albert Miller. He has handled fraud cases for over thirty years and is the man responsible for tracking and catching John Case, who had racked up seven accounts of fraud before he was brought to justice.

Currently, Case is being interrogated for inside the minds of those who commit fraud in hopes that it will be useful in apprehending this unknown perpetrator. Miller has been on the case for the last three years in tracking down this unknown man or woman.

The new evidence in question is being kept out of circulation for right now. However, it is believed that a pattern for this unknown person has been discovered and all that we were able to understand is that it’s a buying pattern. What is being bought, or how is still unknown at this time.

These twelve accounts of fraud have damaged several lives and businesses that have become on the verge of declaring bankrupt. Everything is being done for those affected, but if the perpetrator is not brought in soon there will be nothing that can be done…

Continued on page 5

The man grabbed his backpack and walked out of the door, but not before letting the article float to its resting place on the floor just within the shaft of light that was steadily making its way across the room.

*Note- I will be ceasing these daily prompts. I believe I will write one more for a total of 20. I am starting to work on a larger project and feel the time will be better spent on that. However, I will be posting things here and there so keep tuned. These writing prompts may come around every once in awhile yet.


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