D.W.P. 18 A-Z

July 30

Prompt: First sentence begins with A and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

At first the task seemed trivial and he was unsure if he wanted to take on such a task. By and by he realized that this was one of those moments that would be a critical factor in his life. Critical as it was, however, he knew not which decision to commit himself to.

Deciding one’s fate is never easy, even if it is just but a small point in one’s life. Enriching his life with such a task would sure to leave him glowing with self pride. Forgetting the fact that he was no athlete was also something he was not willing to do in order to conquer this no small feat.

Getting round to a decision would take some time. However, time was not something that was on his side. Indubitably, it would seem that if he did not make the decision, the circumstances would no longer be in his control.

Jotting down a list of pros and cons did nothing to help his turmoil. Keeping a level head about this was soon proving to be slipping away from him. Leaping to a hasty answer was going to do more harm than good. Mountain climbing was not something he had ever done in his life. Nobody he knew had ever gone mountain climbing. Of course that is until three months ago when he met his current group of friends.

Putting aside the failed pros and con list he rested his head upon the table. Quitting seemed like the more viable option at this point. Reasonably it was safe to say that he wasn’t quitting since he hasn’t committed to an answer at all. Secretly he wanted to do this. Tentatively, he called the guys and gave his answer.

Unanimously it was decided; they were all to go mountain climbing. Vivaciously they packed their gear and headed for the trail. Without knowing what he was getting himself into he kept telling himself he could take whatever came along.

Xavier Trail 2 miles north. Zero time for backing out, this was the moment of truth.

* “What are men compared to rocks and mountains?” Mary Bennett, Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen


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