D.W.P 16 A New Adventure Continues

July 28

Prompt: Write about a trip.

Hello Lovelies! I’m doing this a bit different today. I’m combining my daily prompt with a different update. Yes, very crafty of me.

Well, for those of you who have been keeping up and have read my blog titled, ‘A New Adventure’ then you can quite guess where this post will be taking us today as the title suggests, the adventure continues.

It’s been a little over two weeks since that post and I’m finally glad to say that tomorrow morning, Monday, July 29 we will be headed for our two-week vacation to Estes Colorado!

On a more trepidatious note, yes, we are still flying to Colorado; I still say we should take the road trip. We will be leaving our deliciously comfortable beds a little after three in the morning and heading for the airport by four a.m.

Again, I have never flown before in my twenty years (have I a mentioned that the very first time I will fly will be on the day of my birth?)I’d really rather not go down the day I turn twenty. I am keeping my prayers we get to our destination safe and soundly.

My plan is once I’m buckled into my seat I’m going to put on my music and read my book and block out all reality and maybe, just maybe I can trick myself to thinking that I’m not on a plane at all. (How well will that work, do you think?)

The build up is always more than it actually is and I think going into the unknown has always been like that and once we actually get there it’s not as horrible as we thought it was going to be.

My packing list has been written, my clothes are all snuggled into their little suitcase, an as long as I remember all of my chargers and toothbrush in the morning I think this will all be okay.

I haven’t been to Colorado in a little over four years. I can’t believe it’s been so long! I am on my way back and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m quite ready to climb some mountains and hopefully get at least a small tan.

So I do have to finish packing now. So I’ll sign off now, but keep checking back soon for more updates from the magnificent town of Estes. Oh, and I will be keeping up with my Daily Writing Prompts while I am there. I mean, what better place to get some writing done than nestled within the mountains?


Author: FountainPenHandwriting

I love to read, watch tv, write, play sports, listen to music. I'm pretty much an average person. I have an insanely large family, but I love them all. I started this blog to get me back into the habit of writing everyday which I stopped doing for many different reasons. I do try to live up to what I tell people and what I project into the world. I can't promise to be interesting, funny, or, yes, even creative, but here we go anyway.

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