D.W.P. 12…. What Do You See?

July 23

Prompt: Write something based off a quote that inspires you.

He grew up with just his mother. His dad had died in Iraq when he was younger. Janice, his mother, did everything she possibly could to raise him right, even through her grief.

She had done a fine job, Corinth grew up well and strong. He was a good son, but still got in his fair share of trouble. It wasn’t until he was just about twenty-three did he learn the life lesson that would change him into the man he was always meant to be.

Twenty-two years old and fresh out of college he started at a publishing company, not in the mail room as one would believe, but as someone is charge of hiring new staff. Actually, he was the first person they would talk to if they were seeking out a job, so he actually was at the bottom of his department.

He was diligent with his work and gave everybody who walked through his doors the same chance to become a part of their publishing team. For a year he worked there and his persistence paid off.

Soon he was sitting, the youngest man ever, to gain manager of his department. With his new position he believed that he had to be just a bit more strict on how he decided who was to be hired.

With the first three months gone of his new position, there were many complaints and law suits against him. None of the problems ever accomplished what they had started, but being a good man, he wanted to know if there was any truth to the allegations against him. He did what any young man would do. He turned to the person he could trust the most, his mother.

“It’s a corporate world and corporate job. The way I hire should be tough. It shows that those who make it belong there. I’ve always been fair.” the young man explained to his mom.

“Honey, your standards you have set for fairness may not be right. What do you see in the people whom you hire?”

“I look for everything the company is trying to build and who will fit in with those already a part of our corporate family.”

“There lies your problem, Son. It’s what you see, that should matter.”

A week later Corinth was back at work still not quite sure what his mother was trying to tell him until the day an old school mate of his walked into his office. They had graduated the same year at university and had run in to each other many times, but had never gained a close friendship.

They went through the process that he always took potential workers through at by the end of the interview knew that this man wasn’t the right person to hire for the new quarter.

“One day you are going to see that I was right for this company and I could have helped to improve it. I guess we’ll both never know. I belong here, I’m just sorry you don’t see that.”

The man was almost out the door when Corinth realized what his mother had been trying to tell him. The phrase had come up several times in the interview already, he wanted to hit himself over the head for not realizing it sooner.

He quickly called the man back in and hired him on the spot. He looked at things differently after that day and not just with his job.

* “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” ~Henry David Thoreau

*Note- Well, not my best, but I rather like it. Just curious… was anybody able to guess at what quote I was going after? If you could see the words of Thoreau coming, leave a comment and tell me what you thought!


Author: FountainPenHandwriting

I love to read, watch tv, write, play sports, listen to music. I'm pretty much an average person. I have an insanely large family, but I love them all. I started this blog to get me back into the habit of writing everyday which I stopped doing for many different reasons. I do try to live up to what I tell people and what I project into the world. I can't promise to be interesting, funny, or, yes, even creative, but here we go anyway.

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